20 January 2010

Behind the Scenes

Two warnings on the following video:

1. If you have no sense of humor, do not press play.

2. There is one minor term of vulgarity. If you do not wish to read it, do not press play.


X said...

Scott Brown, haircut, pro-abortion, former nude centerfold for Cosmopolitan and now Republican Senator. With Republicans like this you don't need Democrats. It wasn't Haiti that made a deal with the Devil.

Miracle in Mass. said...

X, By voting for Scott Brown, the very liberal Massachusetts has stopped the healthcare nightmare that would have destroyed free enterprise, mandated abortion, eventually euthanasia, and raised taxes, not to mention the loss of jobs to follow. So, I think it was a victory. This was a direct vote against Obama's socialist agenda. Take your whining someplace else.

just wondering said...

the one positive i can take from this is that scott brown is not Catholic. people were not voting for him to stop abortion and euthanasia from being funded by tax payer dollars. these are the same people that kept pro death ted kennedy in office for 48 years. they voted for him because the health care reform was going to effect their pocketbooks and they were feeling a little betrayed by king obama. make no mistake, scott brown was elected BECAUSE he was pro abortion. money is the issue, not life. unless we get this right we are doomed as a nation and what took place in haiti will make what happens to us look like a sunday picnic in the park. i'm not whining, i am preaching from the rooftops.