25 January 2010

Bill O'Reilly: Let's just make Haiti a colony of the U.S.

Listening to the radio this morning I was subjected to Bill O'Reilly's one-minute "Talking Points Memo". His wisdom of the day: since "only" the U.S. could possibly maintain order and "ensure prosperity" in Haiti, we should must move on in and run it. That would be an act of charity, since we don't "need" them.

Well, Bill, pardon me if I demur. To begin, I don't know how good we are at ensuring prosperity these days. And it isn't our country, Bill. Why would helping people in the wake of disaster require us to be their overlords? And I thought the French were unfairly jumping to conclusions when they accused us of invading Haiti instead of helping them. Finally, do we have so many troops that we can station thousands more in yet another country? Why not just take over the world and solve everyone's problems?

Commentary like that doesn't really help.


athanasius_magnus said...

I happened to endure the same "Talking Points Memo" this morning. Although I have my quarrels with this person who claims to be Catholic, for the sake of argument wasn't he quoting Barack Obama when he made those comments? I know he started out quoting Obama, but then it got fuzzy as to what was Obama and what was O'Reilly. So I could be wrong.

athanasius_magnus said...

By the way, not sure if you caught it, but Glenn Beck had Ron Paul on today and they were discussing their differences on foreign policy... Your second paragraph reminded me.

Bloviating said...

I didn't hear O'Reilly say this, but he could have been joking to get a bigger point across. Perhaps that Haiti gets more aid than any other country but just continues to be very poor. That the only way the people may get out of their poverty is to get rid of a corrupt government and modernize in actions and thinking. That of course can never be forced, but good suggestions and incentives could help.