07 January 2010

I Can't Wait for the "Pay Your Taxes for Healthcare" Sequel

PBS and Henson Productions did a nice job on producing this piece of propaganda enticing young children to submit to insufficiently tested vaccinations for the good of the community.

From the Sid the Science Kid archives:

Your children belong to us!

As an added bonus, a blast from the recent past, as government propaganda isn't much better than it used to be:

I want to know one thing-- why didn't Joe kiss both of his governmentally-encouraged 2.1 children?


15:15 said...

Nooooo! Not Dottie!

Fr. Andrew said...

I believe its:

"All your children are belong to us!"

I thought Geddy Lee would know that...

Anonymous said...

Bah. Fr. Andrew beat me to the punch. Yes, Geddy Lee would know that.

Maybe we're actually dealing with Grampa Simpson here. . .

I know for a fact that I've seen pictures of thetimman wearing onions on his belt, for that was the style in his day.