22 January 2010

New Reredos for Altar at West County Oratory

NLM has a nice story on the new altarpiece at the Oratory of SS Gregory and Augustine in West County. This really adds to the beauty and dignity of the setting for Mass. Adding components like this can work for nearly any sanctuary in the Archdiocese, and can often be done at quite reasonable expense. Given a modern-construction, fairly small space to use for the chapel, the Oratory has taken great care to make the setting as beautiful as possible. It is an effort to be emulated.


Anonymous said...

Kudos to the Oratory of Sts. Gregory and Augustine for their commendable attempt at re-establishing a traditional altar. However, I feel that I must point out a couple of glaring errors.

1.The color the good Fathers chose for the altar cover is not the correct shade of red. The altar cover looks like it is ‘St. Louis Cardinal’ red, or even Scarlet - a definite distraction from the solemnity of the altar. The correct shade should be crimson in honor of our Papal legacy.

2. Look closely at the altar rug. It is a Persian rug, a blatant reference to Mohammadism. There should be no place in the Holy Church for references to an infidel religion.

Nitpicking? Probably. But if we don’t adhere COMPLETELY to the traditions of our Holy Church we will find ourselves back on that slippery slope towards ecclesiastical blasphemy.


thetimman said...


Perhaps a little nitpicky-- sometimes the color of a digital photo can be off; I haven't seen this frontal in person.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this story.

I attend daily mass at St. Gregory and Augustine. Timman is correct the color is exaggerated in this picture--due to the camera. The rector is extremely meticulous about the chapel and the perfection of all the touches.
Regards the rug let me offer another
side. God made the sheep producing the wool, he made Persia and the artist who made the rug...It goes for the honor and glory of God even if the artist doesn't think of it that way. There are many persecuted Christians in this part of the world (maybe one of them made this rug)- in addition, many of them working the looms are underage children.In all the hundreds of time I have been in this chapel never once have I thought of Mohammadism and I never have heard of any one else being distracted that way.