12 February 2010

Good Morning! Just Another Isolated Incident that Says Nothing at All about the State of Public Education

Nothing to see here. Move along.


Anonymous said...

Right ... nothing here except insanity. There are many other, more effective ways to deal with a temper tantrum than handcuffs and police cars for a little 6 year old. Apparently the so called "well educated" (where critical thinking and common sense are not university requirements), small-on-common-sense dolts who are the teachers and 'keepers of the peace' feel at ease attributing an adult-level of maturity to this kid, who obviously is not capable of that yet. What sort of wacko would think it an appropriate solution to commit a 6 year old under this pretext? Maybe the batch of nuts who handcuffed the kid who scribbled on her desk or the Principal who wigged out over a 9 year old and his 2" plastic gun. Handcuff the principal and the police and commit them instead. What is equally disturbing is that the poll in this article is split nearly 50/50 whether or not the school took extreme measures.

sensible said...

This is an outrage! Why don't they not just arrest this child but file charges? I know, they can start putting 6 year olds in jail for temper tantrums!

Talk about incompetence! How about calling the parents and having them take her home? Now that would be something my six year old would suggest.