22 February 2010

Good News in North County

I just learned today that this Lent, the parish church of St. Angela Merici in Florissant has added a daily Mass at 6:30am (M-F) in the Extraordinary Form. Congratulations to Father Keller (pictured above celebrating the elusive ad orientem Ordinary Form Mass at the Cathedral in 2007) for a great initiative to further integrate the Extraordinary Form into the life of the Catholic parish, as envisioned by Pope Benedict's motu proprio Summorum Pontificum.


athanasius_magnus said...

Gotta love good 'ol Father Keller!

Marissa said...

I feel I must point out that the bulletin states that Mass in the Extraordinary Form will be at 6:30 in the morning, not evening.

Cathy said...

"Ol"? If Fr. Keller is old then I must be ancient! ;-) We knew him when he was but an acolyte.


Anonymous said...

PMKD will attempt to attend this Mass on Wednesday and will provide a full report! ;)


Anonymous said...

PMKD did attend Mass there this morning (Wed 24 Feb). It was very nice to have this Mass so near my office. I hope to attend more often, daily if possible.