22 February 2010

More and More Good News

The St. Louis Review published in last Friday's edition a very nice Lenten reflection by Canon Michael Wiener of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, Rector of St. Francis de Sales Oratory.

I have been wanting to post it here, but for some reason, though I have given the Review the pint of blood and iris scan it demands to access its content online, it won't let me view it anyway. It's sort of like the Monty Python Insurance Sketch where the vicar plunked down for the "Never-Pay Policy".

So, if you are fortunate enough to have 1) a subscription to the Review and 2) some luck, you can follow the link above to the "Opinions" tab, then click "Viewpoints".

However that may be, the decision of the Review's editor and board to publish this is welcome indeed. A very good sign of good things happening under new leadership.

As an aside, it occurred to me that as I routinely post from the Oratory's newsletter on local happenings that it might be good to let readers know that you can sign up to receive this newsletter directly by emailing to sfds@institute-christ-king.org.


Fr. Andrew said...

Canon Wiener seems to be very good at engaging the wider community. Kudos!

Marissa said...

I knew I should have grabbed a copy of the St. Louis Review while I was at the Cathedral Basilica Sunday afternoon! Oh well, perhaps my friend will let me read it in his copy.

We attended High Mass; the third one I've attended at the Oratory, and my friend's first TLM. We talked quite a bit about it and he seemed very moved by it; the reverence, the unhurried pace, the symbolism attached to every action, and the amount of prayer. It is such a drastic change from the usual Sunday at our home parish. I thank God that the Oratory is a feasible distance for at least occasional attendance there.

The summary I received of Canon Wiener's homily was most excellent; I only wish I could have heard it for myself! We shook hands with him after Mass and were both awe-struck by the sheer presence he carried with him. St. Louis is blessed indeed to have the ICRSP and a priest like him.

And to whomever gave me the little pamphlet with the readings and such, thank you very much! Now I know to look for it the next time I attend. :)

God Bless!

Jeff Geerling said...

Here's the direct link:

Are you unable to login?

thetimman said...


Anonymous said...

This is a great "slice of life" picture of Canon Wiener.
It says much about him wordlessly. Of the pictures I have seen of him this is one of my favorite. The other very picturesque snap is in procession behind the 'then' Cardinal Josef Ratzinger sided by Canon Karl Lenhardt.
What a triangle they make together!
May God protect them all!

Anonymous said...

I will be running the Go St. Louis Marathon in April and am seeking sponsors to help raise money for the St. Francis De Sales Oratory.

100 years ago they didn't dig down to bedrock when they built the steeple. All donations will go towards the structural work that needs to be done to preserve the steeple. Pledges can be made per mile (marathons are 26.2 miles) or flat donations are welcome too.

Presently I'm looking for sponsors. Donations will not be collected until after the race.
I can be contacted via e-mail at campjacksonboy@aol.com or I'll be there tomorrow running around with a pledge sheet.