31 March 2010

St. Francis de Sales Oratory to be Covered This Weekend in the Post-Dispatch and on KMOV-TV

Keep an eye on your local media outlets this weekend for coverage of St. Francis de Sales Oratory and the efforts of the Institute of Christ the King in St. Louis.
A source close to the situation confirmed the following items:

Greg Jonsson, a reporter with the Post-Dispatch, has been interviewing Canon Wiener and Sr. Marie of the Love of God for the last couple of weeks regarding the Oratory,
the Institute, the Adorers, the renovation of the convent, and the importance of the church in that community....
In addition, the video crew from the online Post came out and interviewed Sister Marie and Canon Wiener, so they'll be on the online version.
Also, today at 2:00, Archbishop Carlson is doing an interview with Jonsson to talk about the importance of the Oratory here in St. Louis...
All of this is going to run in the Post on EASTER SUNDAY.

ADDITIONALLY, channel 4 picked up on this and will be interviewing Greg Jonsson AND Canon Wiener on the weekend news discussion program, “Extra Edition”, which airs early Saturday mornings.

Jonsson will talk about his feature article on the Oratory and Canon Wiener will talk about the Oratory itself and the efforts to restore the church and parish buildings (
Tradition for Tomorrow, etc...).

This is great news, and I will link to all of these efforts once they are live.
For those of you out of town, I have included pictures of the Oratory, Canon Wiener (with Msgr. Wach, the Institute's founder and Prior General), and Sister Marie of the Love of God (with Canon Mora, the Rector of the Seminary).

Triduum at St. Francis de Sales Oratory

Triduum at the Oratory

Thursday April 1- Holy (Maundy) Thursday - 5:30pm Confessions, 6:30pm Solemn High Mass, w/ Procession to the Repository, followed by Adoration until Midnight.

Friday April 2- Good Friday - 8am Stations of the Cross and Confessions, 2pm-6:30pm Confessions, 3pm Liturgy of the Passion & Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ, followed by Adoration at the Holy Sepulcher until 8pm.

Saturday April 3- Holy Saturday - 8pm Confessions, 9pm Easter Vigil- Solemn High Mass, followed by Blessing of Easter food.

Sunday April 4 - Holy Easter Sunday - 7:30am-11:30am Confessions, 8am Low Mass w/organ; 10am Solemn High Mass.

"Aren't You Worried about Their Socialization?"

The academic advantages of homeschooling over institutional schools have, over time, become fairly widely known, leaving the question posed in the headline of this post as the most common objection raised by those who question a parent's decision to homeschool.

I have a couple of entries relative to that question to post today. First, there is
the story of the Massachusetts girl who committed suicide to escape the "bullying" she experienced at her public school. I admit that I had seen the headline days ago, but didn't really read the particulars. After all, it is an undoubtedly tragic incident, yet committing suicide to escape bullying is of course an extreme remedy, and I figured the girl must have been seriously clinically depressed or something of that kind.

However, the behavior the news accounts describe as "bullying" is not the bullying I remember from school. No, this was no simple lunch money extortion, ostracizing or book-kicking. No this bullying includes charges of statutory rape, assault with a dangerous weapon, stalking, and other niceties. From the linked story:

Prosecutors accused two boys of
statutory rape, and three girls of violating Prince’s civil rights and criminal harassment. They declined to provide specifics, but said students targeted Prince in retaliation for briefly dating a male student and continued their harassment weeks after the pair’s relationship ended.

“The investigation revealed relentless activities directed toward Phoebe, designed to humiliate her, and to make it impossible for her to stay at school,’’ Scheibel said. “The bullying, for her, was intolerable.’’

Charged as adults were: Sean Mulveyhill, 17, of South Hadley, with statutory rape, violation of civil rights, criminal harassment, and disturbance of a school assembly; Austin Renaud, 18, of Springfield, statutory rape; Kayla Narey, 17, of South Hadley, violation of civil rights, criminal harassment, and disturbance of a school assembly; Ashley Longe, 16, of South Hadley, violation of civil rights with bodily injury resulting.

Flannery Mullins, 16, of South Hadley, and Sharon Chanon Velazquez, 16, of South Hadley, were also charged as adults with violation of civil rights and stalking.

Three juveniles, all females from South Hadley, are also facing charges. Two complaints charge one count each of violation of civil rights, criminal harassment, and disturbance of a school assembly. One complaint charges one count each of violation of civil rights, assault by means of a dangerous weapon (bottle, can, or beverage container), and disturbance of a school assembly.

Ryan McMaken
at the LRC blog has penned a great response to this story, and to the government school socialization generally:

The entire theory behind using schools to socialize children is based on the nonsensical premise that children become socialized by being isolated with large numbers of other children, with a few token adults present. Presumably, the purpose of socialization is to help children one day interact in the larger world. Yet, modern schools are set up in such a way as to be as unlike the larger world as possible. At your job, do you spend your days with dozens of other people who are exactly the same age and who all do the same thing all day? Of course not. Then why teach a child how to function in such an unrealistic environment?

The unfortunate byproduct of all of this is the fact that studies have shown that for many children, their peer groups are more influential to them, and more important for them, than their families. This is a strictly recent and modern development, and is the result of so many parents simply abandoning their prerogatives as parents to the schools.

Ordinary schooling is also a gargantuan waste of time for the most gifted students, since they are constantly held back to the speed of the slowest students. But students learn at different rates and have different talents, so the “slow” students in one subject, might do well the next when different topics and skills are covered. Home schools have the flexibility to address these issues. Public schools simply leave struggling children demoralized and uneducated. Most public schools have some banal motto like “Excellence is for everyone” or something equally illogical. A more appropriate motto for most would be “Sink or Swim!” Indeed, if one wished to devise the most inefficient, most child-unfriendly, most self-esteem-crushing system possible, it’s hard to imagine a system more adept at this than modern public schooling.

I would rather that my child avoid being socialized according to the government method. Thank God I still live in a place where this is possible. How long this will remain the case remains to be seen. Yet for the moment, I can answer the question of whether I'm worried about my children's socialization this way: Yes, absolutely, and it is a huge reason we homeschool.

30 March 2010

Quo Vadis?

"Christians, this is the hour to defend your King and to keep Him company in the profound isolation in which He finds Himself. How few, O Lord, are the servants who remain faithful to you!... The worst of it is that there are some who profess to be Your friends in public, but who sell You in secret. You can scarcely find one in whom You can trust. O my God, true Friend, how badly does he repay You who betrays You!

O true Christians, come to weep with your God! It was not only over Lazarus that He shed tears of compassion, but over all those who, in spite of His call, would never rise from the dead. At that time, my Love, You saw even the sins that I would commit against You. May they be at an end, and with them, those of all sinners. Grant that these dead may come to life. May Your voice, Lord, be strong enough to give them life, even if they do not ask it of You. Lazarus did not ask You to bring him back to life, and yet You restored life to him at the prayer of a sinner. Here is another sinner, my God, and much more culpable than she was. Let, then, Your mercy shine forth! I ask it of You in spite of my wretchedness, for those who will not ask."

--From Divine Intimacy, by Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.

29 March 2010

From the Onion: Increasing Number Of Parents Opting To Have Children School-Homed

The Onion covers an intriguing trend:

Increasing Number Of Parents Opting To Have Children School-Homed

WASHINGTON—According to a report released Monday by the U.S. Department of Education, an increasing number of American parents are choosing to have their children raised at school rather than at home.

Deputy Education Secretary Anthony W. Miller said that many parents who school-home find U.S. households to be frightening, overwhelming environments for their children, and feel that they are just not conducive to producing well-rounded members of society.

Thousands of mothers and fathers polled in the study also believe that those running American homes cannot be trusted to keep their kids safe.

"Every year more parents are finding that their homes are not equipped to instill the right values in their children," Miller said. "When it comes to important life skills such as proper nutrition, safe sex, and even basic socialization, a growing number of mothers and fathers think it's better to rely on educators to guide and nurture their kids."

"And really, who can blame them?" Miller continued. "American homes have let down our nation's youth time and again in almost every imaginable respect."

According to the report, children raised at home were less likely to receive individual adult attention, and were often subjected to ineffective and wildly inconsistent disciplinary measures. The study also found that many parents expressed concerns that, when at home, their children were being teased and bullied by those older than themselves.

In addition to providing better supervision and overall direction, school-homing has become popular among mothers and fathers who just want to be less involved in the day-to-day lives of their children.

"Parents are finding creative ways to make this increasingly common child-rearing track work," Miller said. "Whether it's over-relying on after-school programs and extracurricular activities, or simply gross neglect,† school-homing is becoming a widely accepted method of bringing children up."

Despite the trend's growing popularity, Miller said that school programs are often jeopardized or terminated because shortsighted individuals vote against tax increases intended to boost educational spending.

"The terrifying reality we're facing is that the worst-equipped people you could possibly imagine may actually be forced to take care of their children," Miller said.

Parents who have decided to school-home their children have echoed many of Miller's concerns. Most said that an alarming number of legal guardians such as themselves lack the most basic common sense required to give children the type of instruction they need during crucial developmental years.

"It's really a matter of who has more experience in dealing with my child," Cincinnati- resident Kevin Dufrense said of his decision to have his 10-year-old son Jake, who suffers from ADHD and dyslexia, school-homed. "These teachers are dealing with upwards of 40 students in their classrooms at a time, so obviously they know a lot more about children than someone like me, who only has one son and doesn't know where he is half the time anyway."

"Simply put, it's not the job of parents to raise these kids," Dufrense added.

Though school-homing has proven to be an ideal solution for millions of uninvolved parents, increasingly overburdened public schools have recently led to a steady upswing in the number of students being prison-homed.

God Must Always Have First Place

From the Gospel of St. John for today's Mass of the Monday in Holy Week:

12 1 Jesus therefore, six days before the pasch, came to Bethania, where Lazarus had been dead, whom Jesus raised to life.
12 2 And they made him a supper there: and Martha served. But Lazarus was one of them that were at table with him.
12 3 Mary therefore took a pound of ointment of right spikenard, of great price, and anointed the feet of Jesus and wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the odour of the ointment.
12 4 Then one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, he that was about to betray him, said:
12 5 Why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence and given to the poor?
12 6 Now he said this not because he cared for the poor; but because he was a thief and, having the purse, carried the things that were put therein.
12 7 Jesus therefore said: Let her alone, that she may keep it against the day of my burial.
12 8 For the poor you have always with you: but me you have not always.
12 9 A great multitude therefore of the Jews knew that he was there; and they came, not for Jesus' sake only, but that they might see Lazarus, whom he had raised from the dead.


Mary is the symbol of the soul in love with God, the soul who gives herself exclusively to Him, consuming for Him all that she is and all that she has. She is the symbol of those souls who give up, in whole or in part, exterior activity, in order to consecrate themselves more fully to the immediate service of God and to devote themselves to a life of more intimate union with Him. This total consecration to the Lord is deemed wasteful by those who fail to understand it-- although the same offering, if otherwise employed, would cause no complaint. If everything we are and have is His gift, can it be a waste to sacrifice it in His honor and, by so acting, to repair for the indifference of countless souls who seldom, if ever, think of Him?

Money, time, strength, and even human lives spent in the immediate service of the Lord, far from being wasted, reach therein the perfection of their being. Moreover, by this consecration, they conform to the proper scale of values. Giving alms to the poor is a duty, but the worship and love of God is a higher obligation. If urgent works of charity sometimes require us to leave His service for that of our neighbor, no change in the hierarchy of importance is thereby implied. God must always have the first place.

--From Divine Intimacy, Fr. Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.

28 March 2010

Palm Sunday

In case you haven't seen this, I am reposting this "how to make a cross out of your blessed palm" piece from fisheaters.com:

How to make palm Crosses to tuck behind
picture frames and hang on your wall

Palm Cross Drawings Copyright 2000 S. A. Keith of www.christiancrafters.com

Take a palm that is about 2 feet long and 1/2" wide (if it tapers at the top, this is good!). Hold the palm upright, so the tapered end points toward the ceiling.
Then bend the top end down and toward you so that the bend is about 5 or 6 inches from the bottom of the palm.
About a third of the way from the bend you just made, twist the section you've pulled down to the right, forming a right angle.

About an inch and a half away from the "stem" of the cross, bend this arm of the palm back behind the palm so that it is now facing to your left. Make the bend at a good length to form the right arm of the Cross.

Folding that same section at a point that equals the length on the right side, bend it on the left side and bring the end forward over what is now the front of the cross.

From the very center of the Cross, fold that arm up and to the upper right (in a "northeast" direction) so that it can wrap around where the upright post of the Cross and the right arm intersect.
Fold this down and to the left behind the Cross...

...and then fold it toward the right so that it is parallel and under the transverse arms of the Cross.
Bring it up behind the Cross again, this time folding it up toward the "northwest" direction.

Tuck the tapered end into the transverse section you made in step 7...

...and pull through.

Turn the Cross over; this side will be the front. Trim the tapered end if necessary, remembering that the palm is a sacramental and any part you trim away should be kept and respected as a sacramental! Use that piece for burning during storms.

Pray for the Pope

Modern Pilate So Relentless

26 March 2010

Hey, My Favorite Former Country!

Article 42. Citizens ...have the right to health protection.

This right is ensured by free, qualified medical care provided by state health institutions; by extension of the network of therapeutic and health-building institutions; by the development and improvement of safety and hygiene in industry; by carrying out broad prophylactic measures; by measures to improve the environment; by special care for the health of the rising generation, including prohibition of child labour, excluding the work done by children as part of the school curriculum; and by developing research to prevent and reduce the incidence of disease and ensure citizens a long and active life.

--Article 42 of the Soviet Constitution


"Every time I come into this office, I feel like I'm interrupting my grandpa putting one of those ships in a bottle, and he thinks it's really important."
--My Brother

In Case You Are Interested...

There is a site called the "Tridentine Latin Rite Missal Project" that has links to the Holy Week Liturgies in the Extraordinary Form as they are formulated pre-1955, and post-1955. Comparing the two is an enlightening experience, and shows that the liturgical destruction did not begin in 1965, and that the architect of liturgical destruction began the job much earlier.

Pre-1955 Palm Sunday
Post-1955 Palm Sunday

Pre-1955 Maundy Thursday
Post-1955 Maundy Thursday

Pre-1955 Good Friday
Post-1955 Good Friday

Pre-1955 Easter Vigil (incomplete at the site)
Post-1955 Easter Vigil

In the history of the liturgy there is growth and progress, but no rupture. What earlier generations held as sacred, remains sacred and great for us too, and it cannot be all of a sudden entirely forbidden or even considered harmful. It behooves all of us to preserve the riches which have developed in the Church’s faith and prayer, and to give them their proper place.

--Pope Benedict XVI, Letter to Bishops accompanying the promulgation of Summorum Pontificum, 2007

Heretics and Schismatics Look for New Ways to Persecute the Church. Finding None, They Fall Back on Inciting Contumely on the Holy Father.

Talk about frightening children. But, right to the point...

This type of story is appalling, of course. Every self-identified "Catholic" assisting Moloch in persecuting the Pope should be excommunicated-- just for starters. This execrable story from state-controlled abc.com is filled with one outrageous lie, misleading statement, half-truth or non sequitur after another. Take two tired examples:

As outrage mounted over the latest Catholic Church sex scandal...

Yes, we are all outraged that dissenting, anti-Catholic perverts who spit upon Church teaching and morality did what they did. But the answer is not to eliminate the guardian of the moral code they violated, the one whose steadfastness they mock. If he really molly-coddled pedophiles, the secular press would want him right where he is. I'd like to see any media outlet publicly condemning Bernadin, Mahoney, Weakland et al.

The Vatican continued to be rocked almost daily about new revelations...

The Vatican is never rocked. It is the Rock. The storms of hatred do not damage it. Why do the nations so furiously rage together?

More nausea may be induced by reflecting upon the collection of tired, aging misfits comprising the anti-pantheon of heresy and schism quoted in the article. One can almost imagine them, clad in goatskins and hopping around a bonfire while leftist nuns twirl with bowls of incense-- Thomas Reese (on every media outlet's speed-dial), Christopher Hitchens (who in rich irony calls for the Pope's arrest), Thomas Doyle (who was found guilty of abuse of ecclesiastical function by Archbishop Burke, the fame-starved David Clohessy from (give me a microphone and I'll condemn the Church in a) SNAP, and one-hit wonder fake priestess Sinead O'Connor.

About the only true thing in the article is a citation to L'Osservatore Romano:

The Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano chided the pope's critics, saying the charges are "clearly an ignoble attempt to strike at Pope Benedict and his closest aides at any cost."

Indeed. Pray for Pope Benedict and for the Church Universal, as he and she prepare to walk with Our Lord to Calvary.

Commemoration of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virign Mary

Felices sensus beatae Mariae Virginis, qui sine morte meruerunt martyrii palmam sub cruce Domini.

Happy the Heart of the blessed Virgin Mary, who without dying earned the palm of martyrdom beneath the cross of our Lord.

--from the Communion of today's Mass


This is one of two feasts in honor of Mary's martyrdom--she who suffered a real martyrdom under the cross, though she did not suffer the death of the martyr there. This feast focuses especially on the Compassion of Mary, whereas the other feast on September 15 is devoted to the Seven Sorrows generally.

Note the phrasing, on this feast of the Seven Sorrows-- Happy the Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.... Suffering in, with, and through Our Lord always leads to joy.

25 March 2010

Meatless Friday Thursday: Big Government Edition

It isn't as though I have failed to post about my opposition to the healthcare takeover. But here is a take without reference to abortion, subsidiarity, or other typcial Catholic angle. This article by Gary North at LewRockwell.com just plainly and simply tells you how it's going to work. The piece ought to make you take stock a bit. It begins with the real world disaster that is Detroit...

Health Care and Detroit: Killed By Government

Mmmmm, Soylent Green...

My new favorite writer, John Zmirak, hits another home run with his send up of the Stalinist health care takeover. Excerpts from the full article at Inside Catholic:

Pass the Soylent Green

by John Zmirak

This weekend, millions of Americans marked the passage of the health-care bill the only way they could: by reverently retiring the Stars and Stripes that fly at their homes and running up the Maple Leaf. That's unfair to Canada, but since when have we Yanks felt bad about that? The Canadian and European single-payer health-care plans are a model of transparency and efficiency compared to the Rube Goldberg, Pontiac-held-together-with-spit-and-string contraption our Congress just rolled out.

At least in European socialist countries, the private sector is pretty much locked out of health care. All the money is collected at gunpoint by the government and spread throughout the system, like portions of mystery meat at a high school cafeteria. It's not very good, but at least everybody gets the same amount, and it's hard to game the system. Of course, there's little freedom: If you pack a lunch, it will be confiscated and redistributed -- or eaten by a teacher. You can't save money by dieting, or load up after you've exercised, since the portions are prepaid and standardized. On the up side, the kids don't need to worry about getting enough, or bringing lunch money, or even picking items from the menu: Onto each tin plate splats the same size ice cream scoop of grey, gelatinous protein dosed with vitamins and fiber. Call it Soylent Green.

The system we seem about to establish is much more like a school that privatizes its cafeteria to the Russian mob, then lets the vendors get rich serving foie gras and caviar at jacked up prices. To fund the system, huge thugs named Boris roam the hallways shaking down those kids who didn't spend their lunch money on porn and cigarettes.

With uniquely American ingenuity, we're combining socialist coercion with corporate greed and sleazy price-fixing, all justified by recourse to envy, guilt, and fear. The trial lawyers will continue to drive our doctors out of business -- and the price of services up. The insurance companies will pass along to all of us the cost of "insuring" new patients who only sign up once they're diagnosed with stage-three cancer. These companies will reap a giant windfall, since now private citizens will be legally obliged to buy their products -- like those little green uniforms in Maoist China. (Imagine what a killing those clothiers made!) Hospitals run by apostate nuns will finally be able to get reimbursed for all the services they've been rendering to deadbeats -- so funding a few abortions here and there seems a trivial price to pay. And that "pro-life" executive order Rep. Bart Stupak bravely fought to put in place? Give federal judges five years with this system, and taxpayers will be funding sex changes in Catholic hospitals for illegal immigrants, while hard-working citizens argue with bureaucrats that continued chemotherapy isn't a "heroic intervention." Like Borat, I love Amerika!

The pink cloud of "human rights" unanchored in any responsibilities will keep on getting bigger and spreading thinner, and the ever-expanding secular state will go right on crowding Christians into the corner. When 60, 70, or 80 percent of your work and wealth go straight to the government, what room is left for apostolic work or private charity? If Europe is any model, the answer is, "Not much." I can count on one hand the number of private Catholic colleges in Great Britain. Why should a state that cossets and hobbles you from cradle to grave stop at micromanaging how you educate your children? No wonder homeschooling is outright illegal in growing swathes of Europe. The very principle of private action itself seems now suspicious, somehow "selfish," even to some un-Christian.

Some people are simply relieved to trade their liberty for security. Their cultures worn out after centuries of greatness, chaos, religious wars, genocides, and ideology, all Austrians, Belgians, French, and Irish seem to want is one sterile generation of bourgeois prosperity and peace -- to subsist in a pink cloud of low expectations and little risk, where no efforts (however heroic) are rewarded, and no vices are really punished. Just please make sure that life has no sharp edges, pointy corners, or cabinets full of toxic cleaning products where citizens might injure themselves: Western Europe is a child-safe environment designed for adults, who guard their claim by keeping it also child-free. Then the Muslims can have the place, and mazel tov to them.


The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

V. Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mariae;
R. Et concepit de Spiritu Sancto.

V. The angel of the Lord declared unto Mary;
R. And she conceived of the Holy Spirit.

Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum. Benedicta tu in mulieribus, et benedictus fructus ventris tui, Iesus. Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc, et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now, and in the hour of our death. Amen.

V. Ecce ancilla Domini.
R. Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum.

V. Behold the handmaid of the Lord:
R. Be it done unto me according to Thy word.

Ave Maria, gratia plena,....... Hail Mary, full of grace, .....

V. Et Verbum caro factum est.
R. Et habitavit in nobis.

V. And the Word was made flesh:
R. And dwelt among us.

Ave Maria, gratia plena,....... Hail Mary, full of grace, .....

V. Ora pro nobis, sancta Dei Genetrix.
R. Ut digni efficiamur promissionibus Christi.

V. Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God.
R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.


Gratiam tuam, quaesumus, Domine, mentibus nostris infunde; ut qui, Angelo nuntiante, Christi Filii tui incarnationem cognovimus, per passionem eius et crucem, ad resurrectionis gloriam perducamur. Per eundem Christum Dominum nostrum.

R. Amen.

Let us pray:

Pour forth, we beseech Thee, O Lord, Thy grace into our hearts, that we, to whom the incarnation of Christ, Thy Son, was made known by the message of an angel, may by His passion and cross be brought to the glory of His resurrection, through the same Christ our Lord.

R. Amen.

24 March 2010

Feast of St. Gabriel the Archangel

Angel of strength, friend of mankind! continue thy ministry of aiding us. We are surrounded by terrible enemies: our weakness makes them bold; come to our assistance, procure us courage. Pray for us during these days of conversion and penance. Obtain for us the knowledge of all we owe to God in consequence of that ineffable mystery of the Incarnation, of which thou wast the first witness. We have offended Him: enlighten us, that so, henceforth, we may be faithful to His teachings and examples. Raise up our thoughts to the happy abode where thou dwellest; assist us to merit the places left vacant by the fallen angels, for God has reserved them for His elect among men.

Pray, O Gabriel, for the Church militant, and defend her against the attacks of hell. The times are evil; the spirits of malice are let loose, nor can we make stand against them, unless with God's help. It is by His holy angels that He gives victory to His bride. Be thou, O strength of God! foremost in the ranks. Drive heresy back, keep schism down, foil the false wisdom of men, frustrate the policy of the world, arouse the well-minded from apathy; that over the earth He has redeemed, and that we may sing together with thee and the whole angelic choir: 'Glory be to God, peace to men!'

--Dom Prosper Gueranger

Yet Another Isolated Incident That Says Nothing at All About the High Quality Education Provided by Our Public Schools

With minimal emphasis and commentary of my own, from KOMO-News, Seattle:

Mother furious after in-school clinic sets up teen's abortion

By KOMO Staff

SEATTLE -- The mother of a Ballard High School student is fuming after the health center on campus helped facilitate her daughter's abortion during school hours.

The mother, whom KOMO News has chosen to identify only as "Jill," says the clinic kept the information "confidential."

When she signed a consent form, Jill figured it meant her 15 year old could go to the Ballard Teen Health Center located inside the high school for an earache, a sports physical, even birth control (hello, Mom!), but not for help terminating a pregnancy.

"She took a pregnancy test at school at the teen health center," she said. "Nowhere in this paperwork does it mention abortion or facilitating abortion."

Jill says her daughter, a pro-life advocate, was given a pass, put in a taxi and sent off to have an abortion during school hours all without her family knowing.

"We had no idea this was being facilitated on campus," said Jill. "They just told her that if she concealed it from her family, that it would be free of charge and no financial responsibility."

The Seattle School District says it doesn't run the health clinics at high schools. Swedish Medical Center runs the clinic at Ballard High and protects the students' privacy.

T.J. Cosgrove of the King County Health Department, which administers the school-based programs for the health department, says it's always best if parents are involved in their children's health care, but don't always have a say.

"At any age in the state of Washington, an individual can consent to a termination of pregnancy (euphemism for murdering a baby, let us always recall)," he said.

But Jill says she not only didn't have a say in her daughter's abortion, but also didn't know about it.

"Makes me feel like my rights were completely stripped away." Mom, you might rethink that free pass you gave to contraception... May God have mercy on mom, daughter, and the wardens of the school.

23 March 2010

OK, Just One More on the Socialist Takeover

I saw this at Colleen Hammond's blog, and thought it crystalizes things pretty well.

Obama-Care and the Profound Catholic Failure


Story found reprinted by CBS here, and the original can be found here.

Abortion and the Health Care Bill

The Catholic Church Suffered a Profound Failure Sunday Night in Washington
by Christopher Badeaux

I am not competent to speak to health care policy. I can tell you the pitfalls of the current system and its strengths from personal

Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., announcing his support for the health reform bill Sunday, March 21, 2010  (CBS)

Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., announcing his support for the health reform bill Sunday, March 21, 2010 (CBS)

experience only; I can talk about economic incentives and disincentives to behavior in the system as it exists and in the system as it will soon exist from my extremely limited grasp of economics; and I can talk about the process of shopping health insurance for an individual or for a small business. But on the merits of the system as it currently stands against the bill that was passed in the Senate months ago and the House last night, I’m unashamedly out of my depth. I leave that to the wiser people who write here.

I can talk about the Catholic Church and its profound failure yesterday.

It is not an understatement to say that the American Catholic Church lost the abortion wars for three decades, and only began to dig in and hold ground starting with the election of the extremely Protestant George W. Bush.

That loss can be attributed to hundreds of factors – among them, the cultural shifts the Baby Boom’s coming of age set in motion, the liberalization of the Church following Vatican II, and William Brennan (the nominal Catholic on the Supreme Court for decades) being one of the leading hands in crafting the nearly immutable law that contradicts one of his alleged Church’s oldest teachings – but some blame belongs with the deliberate decision of the Church hierarchy to remain allied with the national Democratic Party, long after the majority of its flock had left behind the old urban enclaves.

There is a clear line that runs from treating the Kennedy clan as Catholic royalty for six decades, through ignoring the legions of nominal American Catholic politicians who treat the abortion license with more reverence than they do a consecrated host, to today’s de facto (and, really, de jure) destruction of the decades-old consensus that taxpayer dollars would not directly subsidize abortion (other than the funding Planned Parenthood takes from the government, and the limited Medicaid abortion exceptions).

The reasons for this cataclysmic pastoral failure are as varied as there are and were bishops since Roe v. Wade was handed down: Habit (Catholics had been Democrats for decades, and their priests and bishops frequently more so); reflexive agreement with so much else in the Democratic Party’s platform; a bizarre belief that those wayward Catholic politicians were speaking from a misguided application of their consciences; simple political naivete (surely something like this couldn’t happen); to a thousand other reasons and combinations thereof.

At the most basic possible level, the Catholic Bishops – the men I hold as a matter of faith to be in the direct line of Apostolic Succession – have enabled scandal, and it has finally flowered in full. A bishop has plenary discretion in the manner in which he brings his wayward sheep back into the fold, but by any measure, to put this politely, the American bishops’ exercise of their discretion has been a total embarrassment. Scandal is the act of teaching, from a position of authority, by word or deed, that what is evil is actually good. For essentially my entire lifetime, the Democratic Party has made as one of its governing planks that women have an inherent right to murder their children. Catholic Democrats have not, with a tiny handful of exceptions, bothered to even murmur a protest; the most prominent among them have taken up that position as their own – some without even bothering to run for the Presidency first.

The roster of names is so long that its recitation would be a total rebuke to the authority of any American Catholic bishop now living and many dead. Kennedy, Leahy, Kucinich, Drinan, Durbin, Pelosi, Casey (Jr.), Mitchell, Sebelius, Cuomo, I could go on. These are men and women who have made it the goal of their careers to advocate the abortion license, to preserve it and expand it. The leaders in the fight to keep public funding of abortion were overwhelmingly self-professed Catholics. Last night, they succeeded.

They teach by word and act that abortion is, at worst, an unfortunately necessary convenience, and is more often a good. They create scandal. They do so as Catholics.

Who among them has been publicly remonstrated by his bishop? Who among them has had to stand in public and choose between an honest recitation of the Nicene Creed and Planned Parenthood v. Casey? Who among them has been reminded of Christ’s injunction about scandal and millstones where their audiences and constituencies can hear?

Why would anyone expect Bart Stupak – otherwise a consummate Democrat – to hold up a health care reform bill against his Party and his Party’s President when even the men who are supposed to stand against evil every waking moment of their lives appear more concerned about the environment, about immigrant rights, about the death penalty? What Catholic sitting in the pews or watching on TV would think there’s anything wrong with abortion when Mario Cuomo’s dishonest justification has stood without censure or excommunication for over a quarter of a century?

The blood of millions will now be shed by the public coffers. That blood lies on the hands of the men with mitres.

By Christopher Badeaux:
Reprinted with permission from
The New Ledger.

From Left Field on the Tanning Tax

OK, I was just thinking...

1) Is the tanning tax a hate crime? I mean, tanning salons are mostly frequented by white people, right? Can one of our delightful, fake-baked inmates of our prison schools sue the Leader on this ground? What would happen if the previous administration targeted a tax on hair relaxer products? Would Al Sharpton march on Washington?

2) Trying to avoid schadenfreude, I have a feeling that most of the taxed tanners supported the Leader in the last election. Just a guess, but hey, I think it's a good one.

Quote of the Day

Dispensing death is what government does. We should expect business to pick up really soon.

22 March 2010

Prayer Request from the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest

From the ICRSP:

The Institute’s Seminary in Gricigliano, Italy is overflowing with seminarians. This is a great joy to our founders, Msgr. Gilles Wach and Canon Philippe Mora, but also a source of inquietude as there are not enough rooms for all the seminarians.

Msgr. Wach has asked that we pray a novena to Saint Joseph that the seminary will be able to lodge the new seminarians who will enter this fall. Many times in the past, the Institute has experienced the powerful intercession and paternal care of our Lord’s foster father and so it is nature for us to turn to him in our need.

Please join us in this novena which you may pray at home as a family or individually.

Prayer of St. Francis de Sales to St. Joseph

Glorious St. Joseph, spouse of Mary, grant us thy paternal protection, we beseech thee by the Heart of Jesus Christ.

Oh thou, whose power extends to all our necessities and can render possible for us the most impossible things, open thy fatherly eyes to the needs of thy children.

In the trouble and distress which afflicts us, we confidently have recourse to thee. Deign to take under your charitable charge this important and difficult matter, cause of our worries. Make its happy outcome be for God's glory and for the good of his devoted servants.

Litany of St. Joseph

V/ Lord, have mercy.
R/ Lord, have mercy.

V/ Christ, have mercy.
R/ Christ, have mercy.

V/ Lord, have mercy.
R/ Lord, have mercy.

V/ Jesus, hear us.
R/ Jesus, graciously hear us.

V/ God, the Father of Heaven,
R/ have mercy on us.

V/ God, the Son, Redeemer of the world,
R/ have mercy on us.

V/ God, the Holy Spirit,
R/ have mercy on us.

V/ Holy Trinity, One God,
R/ have mercy on us.

R/for ff: pray for us.

Holy Mary,
St. Joseph,
Renowned offspring of David,
Light of Patriarchs,
Spouse of the Mother of God,
Chaste guardian of the Virgin,
Foster father of the Son of God,
Diligent protector of Christ,
Head of the Holy Family,
Joseph most just,
Joseph most chaste,
Joseph most prudent,
Joseph most strong,
Joseph most obedient,
Joseph most faithful,
Mirror of patience,
Lover of poverty,
Model of artisans,
Glory of home life,
Guardian of virgins,
Pillar of families,
Solace of the wretched,
Hope of the sick,
Patron of the dying,
Terror of demons,
Protector of Holy Church,

Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world,
R/ spare us, O Lord.

Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world,
R/ graciously hear us, O Lord.

Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world.
R/ have mercy on us.

He made him the lord of his household.
R/ And prince over all his possessions.

Let us pray. O God, in your ineffable providence you were pleased to choose Blessed Joseph to be the spouse of your most holy Mother; grant, we beg you, that we may be worthy to have him for our intercessor in heaven whom on earth we venerate as our Protector: You who live and reign forever and ever. R/ Amen.

William Heyer Named Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts at the Josephinum

One of the best young architects leading the effort to promote traditionally Catholic sacred architecture, William Heyer, has been named Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts at Pontifical College Josephinum. Mr. Heyer has been involved in several notable ecclesiastical projects, including work for the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest in the United States.

Interesting Fact

Apparently, when a demonically-possessed person is extremely excited by exterior events he or she can produce projectile vomit across a large room.

The above picture may not be an example of this.

Provocative Opinion Piece in the UK Telegraph

I saw this posted earlier today at Rorate Caeli. It is very strongly worded (for effect, I believe), but does make some good points. So, I offer it merely as a thought provoker here. From the UK Telegraph:

Catholic sex abuse scandal: time to sack trendy bishops and restore the faith

By Gerald Warner : March 22nd, 2010

It has become fashionable to claim that the sex abuse scandal currently afflicting the Catholic Church is “its biggest crisis since the Reformation”. Oh, really? Tell me about it. The abuse issue is just a small part of the much larger crisis that has engulfed the Church since the Second Vatican Catastrophe and which is more serious than the Reformation.

Abolish clerical celibacy? The last thing a priest abusing altar boys needs or wants is a wife. There is no compulsory celibacy in the Church of England, but that has not prevented vicars and boy scouts furnishing gratifying amounts of copy to the tabloid Sunday papers for the past century. Celibacy goes against the grain of today’s “unrepressed”, “non-judgemental”, let-it-all-hang-out attitude to sex; its continued existence is a reproach to the hedonist Western world; so Rome must be persuaded to abolish it – likewise its condemnation of divorce, abortion, contraception, homosexuality and all the other fetishes of liberal society. Dream on, secularists.

“Irish abuse victims disappointed by Pope’s letter.” Of course they are. They were disappointed by it before they had read it, before it was even written. Any other response would diminish the power they find themselves wielding against the Church. Have they a legitimate grievance? In most cases, yes. They have a ferocious grievance against the “filth” (Benedict XVI’s term, long before he came under public pressure) who defiled them and treated them like animals.

How could clergy transgress so gravely against the doctrines of the Church? What doctrines? These offences took place in the wake of Vatican II, when doctrines were being thrown out like so much lumber. These offenders were the children of Paul VI and “aggiornamento”. Once you have debauched the Mystical Body of Christ, defiling altar boys comes easily.

The “neglected” sacraments and devotional practices that the Pope says could have prevented this did not just wither on the vine: they were actively discouraged by bishops and priests. In the period when this abuse was rampant, there was just one mortal sin in the Catholic Church: daring to celebrate or attend the Latin Tridentine Mass. A priest raping altar boys would be moved to another parish; as for a priest who had the temerity to celebrate the Old Mass – his feet would not touch the ground.

There was a determined resolve among the bishops to deny any meaningful catechesis to the young. That is the generation, wholly ignorant of the faith, that in Ireland achieved material prosperity in the “Celtic Tiger” economy. Initially it still attended Mass (or what passed for Mass) out of social conformity. Then the sex abuse scandal gave Irish post-Vatican II agnostics the perfect pretext for apostasy: tens of thousands who had never been abused, nor met anybody who had, found an excuse to stay in bed on Sunday mornings.

The abusive priests are not the only hypocrites. “I am so shocked by the abuse scandal I am leaving the Church.” Right. So, the fact that some degenerates who should never have been ordained violated young people – in itself a deplorable sin – means that the Son of God did not come down to earth, redeem mankind on the cross and found the Church? This appalling scandal no more compromises the truths of the Faith than the career of Alexander VI or any other corrupt Renaissance Pope.

Should bishops be forced to resign? Oh yes – approximately 95 per cent of them worldwide. These... in their pseudo-ethnic mitres and polyester vestments with faux-naïve Christian symbols, spouting their ecumaniac episcobabble, have presided over more than sexual abuse: they have all but extinguished the Catholic faith with their modernist fatuities. They should be retired to monasteries to spend their remaining years considering how to account to their Maker for a failed stewardship that has lost countless millions of souls.

Benedict XVI should take advantage of a popular wave of revulsion against the failed episcopate to sack every 1960s flared-trousered hippy who is obstructing Summorum Pontificum. It is a unique opportunity to cull the hireling shepherds and clear away the dead wood of the Second Vatican Catastrophe. It is time to stop the apologies and reinstate apologetics; to rebuild all that has been destroyed in the past 40 years; to square up to liberals and secularists as so many generations of Catholics did in the past; to proclaim again the immutable truths of the One True Church that, in the glory of the Resurrection, can have no legitimate posture other than triumphalism.

Oh, the Irony-- or, Don't Name that Highway Just Yet

When civilization crumbles around you, taking pleasure in the ironies and hypocrisies of the day can make the pill go down more easily.

History repeats itself, in big ways, yes, but also in little ways. Back in the days of the protestant revolution, good old Henry VIII of England was granted the title "Defender of Faith" by the Pope for his strong written denunciation of the heresies of Martin Luther. Yet, time would show that the lecherous Henry's Faith was easily compromised.

Enter Bart Stupak, today's tiny Henry VIII. He pretended to be pro-life for a long time in the debate around the nationalization of health insurance debate. He held out for language in the first house bill to block federal funding for abortion. Let us pass in silence for a moment the MANY other anti-life provisions of that bill; it was good to prevent the abortion funding. The pro-life organization "The Susan B. Anthony List" planned to give Stupak the "Defender of Life" award.

Yet of course the Senate bill had no such provision, and the Senate would not pass the House version because the Senate now lacks a filibuster-proof majority. So, the only remotely legal way for the dictator to nationalize the health insurance industry was to get the House to pass the Senate bill as is.

No problem, because Bart Stupak, Defender of Life, and his coalition would be there to stop this. Right, Bart? Bart?

In the end, the traitorous Stupak followed the path of his historical ancestor.

Which brings me to Mark McGwire, of course.

This man received adulation for his baseball exploits, which makes sense in the context of his apparent baseball achievements, despite the fact that he seemed to be personally rude and aloof. A state representative at that time secured passage of a resolution renaming a section of I-70 the "Mark McGwire Highway".

Eleven years later McGwire admitted he cheated.

The state representative, now a state senator, is seeking to repeal the resolution naming the highway after McGwire.

The Lesson? Perhaps adulation, and blame, should be withheld until the scorecard is complete.

Today's News in the People's Republic of America

Racist jokes and rude behavior are wrong. In polite society, they get you ostracized. In a moral society, they are denounced.

In the People's Republic,
they get you arrested. Free speech does not exist.

Police: Boy, 16, made racial comment at NJ Walmart

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. - A 16-year-old boy who police said made an announcement at Walmart ordering all black people in a southern New Jersey store to leave was charged with harassment and bias intimidation, authorities said Saturday.

The boy, whose name is not being released because he is a juvenile, grabbed one of the courtesy phones at Walmart's Washington Township store Sunday evening and calmly announced: "Attention, Walmart customers: All black people, leave the store now," police said.

The teen was arrested Friday and released to the custody of his parents; police did not know whether he had a lawyer.

"This was an extremely disturbing event on many levels," Gloucester County Prosecutor Sean Dalton said at a news conference. "Any statements like these that can cause harm or grave concern must be addressed as quickly we possibly can."


The 16-year-old has been charged with harassment and bias intimidation.


The Myth of the Pro-Life Democrat

From Yahoo News:

Schlafly: Health Care Vote Set to Expose the Myth of the 'Pro-Life Democrat'

WASHINGTON, March 21 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Phyllis Schlafly, president and founder of the conservative grassroots public policy organization Eagle Forum, made the following remarks after the public announcement that formerly pro-life Democrat Bart Stupak (D-MI) will cast a "yes" vote for the Senate health care bill today in the House:

"It is naive for any elected official, especially one who describes himself as 'pro-life,' to expect that a promise to issue an Executive Order that reasserts the intentions of the Hyde Amendment will be fulfilled by the most pro-abortion president to ever sit in the White House. Perhaps Mr. Stupak and his fellow pro-life Democrats forget that President Obama's first Executive Order was the repeal of the Mexico City Policy to allow for international funding of abortion."

"Not only would an Executive Order be rendered meaningless in the face of Congress passing legislation which actively provides for the massive expansion and funding of abortion services, but anyone who doubts the abortion tsunami which awaits this bill becoming law lives in a fantasy world."

"Barack Obama has lined every existing federal agency with the most dedicated pro-abortion ideologues, and we know that he will continue this pattern of pro-abortion appointments when it comes time for him to fill the over-100 bureaucracies created to administer his socialized health care program."

"Any formerly pro-life Democrat who casts a 'Yes' vote for this Senate health care bill tonight will be forever remembered as being among the deciding votes which facilitated the largest expansion of abortion services since Roe v. Wade."

"Mr. Stupak and his Democrat followers have now clarified that you cannot be pro-life and be a Democrat. If abortion was truly their biggest issue, they wouldn't willfully align themselves with the Party of Death."

"This vote will expose the myth of the 'pro-life Democrat.' With this single vote, the Democratic Party will divide our nation into the Party of Death and the Party of Life, and future elections will never be the same."

21 March 2010

All Your Dora Are Belong to Us

Joining fellow comrade Sid the Science Kid, Dora the Explorer prostitutes herself for the Party's agenda:


Supra dorsum meum fabricaverunt peccatores;
prolongaverunt iniquitatem suam. Dominus justus
concidit cervices peccatorum.

Some Recent Photos from the Oratory

A young woman who recently visited St. Francis de Sales Oratory sent these pictures to the rectory with permission to disseminate them. I thought readers might enjoy them.