26 March 2010

Heretics and Schismatics Look for New Ways to Persecute the Church. Finding None, They Fall Back on Inciting Contumely on the Holy Father.

Talk about frightening children. But, right to the point...

This type of story is appalling, of course. Every self-identified "Catholic" assisting Moloch in persecuting the Pope should be excommunicated-- just for starters. This execrable story from state-controlled abc.com is filled with one outrageous lie, misleading statement, half-truth or non sequitur after another. Take two tired examples:

As outrage mounted over the latest Catholic Church sex scandal...

Yes, we are all outraged that dissenting, anti-Catholic perverts who spit upon Church teaching and morality did what they did. But the answer is not to eliminate the guardian of the moral code they violated, the one whose steadfastness they mock. If he really molly-coddled pedophiles, the secular press would want him right where he is. I'd like to see any media outlet publicly condemning Bernadin, Mahoney, Weakland et al.

The Vatican continued to be rocked almost daily about new revelations...

The Vatican is never rocked. It is the Rock. The storms of hatred do not damage it. Why do the nations so furiously rage together?

More nausea may be induced by reflecting upon the collection of tired, aging misfits comprising the anti-pantheon of heresy and schism quoted in the article. One can almost imagine them, clad in goatskins and hopping around a bonfire while leftist nuns twirl with bowls of incense-- Thomas Reese (on every media outlet's speed-dial), Christopher Hitchens (who in rich irony calls for the Pope's arrest), Thomas Doyle (who was found guilty of abuse of ecclesiastical function by Archbishop Burke, the fame-starved David Clohessy from (give me a microphone and I'll condemn the Church in a) SNAP, and one-hit wonder fake priestess Sinead O'Connor.

About the only true thing in the article is a citation to L'Osservatore Romano:

The Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano chided the pope's critics, saying the charges are "clearly an ignoble attempt to strike at Pope Benedict and his closest aides at any cost."

Indeed. Pray for Pope Benedict and for the Church Universal, as he and she prepare to walk with Our Lord to Calvary.


Delena said...

Yes, because Sinead O'Connor is the ultimate authority when it comes to speaking about the Catholic Church.


Dad29 said...

clearly an ignoble attempt to strike at Pope Benedict and his closest aides at any cost."

I'll bet you're SHOCKED to learn that Rembert Weakland, disgraced ex-Abp. of Milwaukee, is among those folks.

Latinmassgirl said...

This is really off the subject, but the guy in the picture doesn't look like an American to me because he has bad teeth. When I saw the photo, I though, "He must be a European."

Then I realized that the reason most Americans don't usually go around with rotten teeth is because we have great dental care available - and dental insurance.

Maybe Obama "care" wouldn't have passed if we had posted a bunch of posters of people who get GREAT socialist, government healthcare around Washington. Of course, they would have to smile with their rotten teeth for the pictures and that might be hard to get them to do.

Go get your teeth fixed now, before your insurance company cuts benefits to keep up with all of the gov. regulations.

Anonymous said...

Both medicare and medicaid do not provide dental coverage and an estimated 108 million Americans do not have any dental coverage (approaching half the population.) Many of these uncovered are on private plans. I would not use that to prop up how great US medical care used to be.