25 March 2010

Meatless Friday Thursday: Big Government Edition

It isn't as though I have failed to post about my opposition to the healthcare takeover. But here is a take without reference to abortion, subsidiarity, or other typcial Catholic angle. This article by Gary North at LewRockwell.com just plainly and simply tells you how it's going to work. The piece ought to make you take stock a bit. It begins with the real world disaster that is Detroit...

Health Care and Detroit: Killed By Government

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Anonymous said...

This is the same Gary North that heralded the end of the world as we knew it (also known as Y2K). Anything he writes therefore I have to look at with a critical view.

Much of what he writes in the lewrockwell.com article is interesting, and in some measure compelling, but what caught my eye is near the bottom of the page, the footnote of his authoring the book Mises on Money. Ludwig Von Mises holds some very disturbing views of the Catholic Churches relationship and role in a Capitalist society, not to mention a host of other views on Christ, the Papacy, and the Gospel that are at once antagonistic and offensive to the Christian mind. A good article in reference to Mises appeared in Vol 3 No. 42 edition of The Remnant if your readers are interested.