31 March 2010

St. Francis de Sales Oratory to be Covered This Weekend in the Post-Dispatch and on KMOV-TV

Keep an eye on your local media outlets this weekend for coverage of St. Francis de Sales Oratory and the efforts of the Institute of Christ the King in St. Louis.
A source close to the situation confirmed the following items:

Greg Jonsson, a reporter with the Post-Dispatch, has been interviewing Canon Wiener and Sr. Marie of the Love of God for the last couple of weeks regarding the Oratory,
the Institute, the Adorers, the renovation of the convent, and the importance of the church in that community....
In addition, the video crew from the online Post came out and interviewed Sister Marie and Canon Wiener, so they'll be on the online version.
Also, today at 2:00, Archbishop Carlson is doing an interview with Jonsson to talk about the importance of the Oratory here in St. Louis...
All of this is going to run in the Post on EASTER SUNDAY.

ADDITIONALLY, channel 4 picked up on this and will be interviewing Greg Jonsson AND Canon Wiener on the weekend news discussion program, “Extra Edition”, which airs early Saturday mornings.

Jonsson will talk about his feature article on the Oratory and Canon Wiener will talk about the Oratory itself and the efforts to restore the church and parish buildings (
Tradition for Tomorrow, etc...).

This is great news, and I will link to all of these efforts once they are live.
For those of you out of town, I have included pictures of the Oratory, Canon Wiener (with Msgr. Wach, the Institute's founder and Prior General), and Sister Marie of the Love of God (with Canon Mora, the Rector of the Seminary).


Latinmassgirl said...

This is great news! We do not get the Post, or have television. Did you say that we can see the interviews online?

MrsC said...

We visited the Oratory last November (after the convent renovation began) and just loved it - all of it! St. Louis is very lucky to have the Oratory. Its restoration and its importance for the Catholic community at large deserve to be publicized and supported. Looking forward to your links when they come out. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Anonymous said...

Just be very careful if you are interviewed. Do not forget that almost without exception, the only reason the MSM shows any interest in anything Catholic is if they sniff out a way to reveal some sort of polarization or trouble going on within the Church. They aren't at all afraid to create a nuance if it suits their purposes. Exercise caution.