31 March 2010

Triduum at St. Francis de Sales Oratory

Triduum at the Oratory

Thursday April 1- Holy (Maundy) Thursday - 5:30pm Confessions, 6:30pm Solemn High Mass, w/ Procession to the Repository, followed by Adoration until Midnight.

Friday April 2- Good Friday - 8am Stations of the Cross and Confessions, 2pm-6:30pm Confessions, 3pm Liturgy of the Passion & Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ, followed by Adoration at the Holy Sepulcher until 8pm.

Saturday April 3- Holy Saturday - 8pm Confessions, 9pm Easter Vigil- Solemn High Mass, followed by Blessing of Easter food.

Sunday April 4 - Holy Easter Sunday - 7:30am-11:30am Confessions, 8am Low Mass w/organ; 10am Solemn High Mass.


Anonymous said...

Wondering why services are being held in the evening rather than in the morning, particularly on Holy Saturday, as they were before Vatican II?

Will the readings for the three days include all of the pre-Vatican II ones?

Thanks for any insights. W

thetimman said...

The Masses are held in the evening, as is indicated in the 1955 Missal.

thetimman said...

And the readings are also from the 1955 Missal.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I am wondering, since you write so often of returning to tradition, do you prefer the pre-1955 version to the changes enacted in the 1955 reform? If not, what makes the 1955 revisions better?

Trying to understand your sense of tradition and why the 1955 form might be considered more traditional or preferable to the pre-1995 practices.