06 April 2010

Archbishop Jose Gomez Named Coadjutor of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles

For those who don't know, a coadjutor Bishop is named by the Holy Father to "assist" the current Ordinary of a diocese and automatically becomes the Ordinary when the current Bishop reaches retirement age or dies. Bishop Finn became Bishop of Kansas City-St. Joseph in the same manner.

Still trying to find fitting words to encapsulate the Mahony era; instead I'll paraphrase from a commenter on another site, regarding the soon-to-be new Archbishop Jose Gomez, formerly of San Antonio:

He'll need every firehouse in the city to help clean out those Augean stables.

May Our Lady and St. Bibiana intercede for him.


StGuyFawkes said...

Dear Stlcath,

Taking a look at a dissenting site, Archb. Gomez is accused of not acting with due diligence in the case of two or three youth molestors in his Archdiocese.

Given the current climate of opinion we'll here about this again, and again, I'm sure.

Let's all pray for the Holy Father as he sorts out two sets of problems: abusive priests and a perverse and hostile secular media still sore that the "hitler youth" thing never really took off.

The dissenter site (I make no claims for the validity) is at


St. Guy

Ed said...

Hello -

There seems to be some confusion here between St. Bibiana and St. Vibiana. The latter being the patron saint of Los Angeles. Or do I have this backwards? Thanks - Ed

Fr. Andrew said...

Are you saying he has his "work" cut out for him?

/har har har

Having seen Archbishop Gomez when he was auxiliary in Denver, I am very pleased with this appointment and I will pray for him very much in the years ahead. I have the impression that His Excellency will do much of the work on his knees in prayer. What an example.

The further good news is that he will be setting the bar for suffragan (sp?) see appointments as well for almost two decades to come.

thetimman said...

Ed, Bibiana is simply an alternative spelling for Vibiana. Viviana is also sometimes used.

St. Guy,

That site is not credible. It has an agenda. Simply put, its agenda is to end the sacramental priesthood, and therefore targets bishops that actually promote the Church's teachings on matters of sexuality. It targeted Abp. Burke. It supported Bozek and Doyle.

I can't speak for Gomez' handling of any case, of course. But I can speak for the track record of His Eminence of Los Angeles, and this site loves him. It is hard to imagine a folding chair being less effective.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the new Archbishop can start by picking a different place to keep his Chair! I couldn't imagine being so "blessed" to inherit THAT cathedral. And, I agree that they will need quite a lot of water to wash those stables.


Anonymous said...

I hope His Excellency will begin by selling the present cathedral (or renting it out for Bingo, flea markets, etc.) using the money realized to build a real cathedral that corresponds to the tenets of the Catholic religion. If the project succeeds, the bishops in San Francisco and Oakland might also get the courage to sell their ecclesial outrages as well and build cathedrals according to Catholic lines.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
I know in ever-flooded MO you cannot understand drought conditions, but please go easy on us out here in CA - we usually have a drought......so let's not use water to wash out the stables; alhtough maybe it can be pumped in from the ocean nearby to do the cleaning ;>)
thanks for the clarification of Bibiana and Vibiana
YIKES: read this wiki on the former Cathedral......it sounds like something out of a Communist country and what was done to churches there: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Vibiana%27s

Long Pants said...

Gomez will be wonderful for our evolving U.S. church. He's such a defender of immigrant rights.

From him in Oct '08
In Catholic teaching, the right to migrate is among the most basic human rights. It’s very close to the right to life. Why? Because God has created the good things of this world to be shared by all men and women—not just a privileged few.

That means that if a person can’t find the necessities of life for his family, he has the right to leave his country and to seek these things in some other country.

Now, it’s true that the right to immigration is not absolute. Church teaching recognizes the government’s right to regulate immigration. To weigh immigration’s impact on the economy and our national security.

But the Church also insists that no country can deny this basic human right out of exaggerated fears or selfishness. And Catholic teaching presumes that the more prosperous a country is, the more generous that country should be in welcoming foreigners.

We need to help our people and our leaders to examine their conscience in light of these principles of Catholic social teaching.

See the full text here

John Zmirak said...

Gomez's position on immigration is radical and ungrounded in the Church's teachings--and asserted in the manipulative language of the far left: