09 April 2010

Assisi Comes to Edwardsville

And by "Assisi", I don't mean the beauty of that glorious hill town, nor do I mean the spirit of the great Saint Francis.

Instead, I mean the time of spiritual indifferentism that marked the disastrous
prayer for "peace" gathering back in the nineties. (If you care you can read some provocative critiques from a formerly active blogger here and here.). OK, this isn't nearly as bad, but I am trying to make a point.

I first saw this item at
wdtprs; the story is covered locally at the Edwardsville Intelligencer:

(Photo above by Rachael Wilbur)

On Saturday evening members of St. Boniface Catholic Church and St. Andrews Episcopal Church gathered together as one celebrating the ritual “Blessing of the Fire and Lighting of the Candle.” Both Father Jeffrey Goeckner (foreground) and Reverend Virginia Bennett (background) led the services in front of St. Boniface School as part of the Easter Vigil. The event marked the first time the neighboring churches combined their individual ceremonies in to one.

It is bad enough that a Catholic priest would lead his flock--whose salvation is his charge and for which he every day risks his own-- to join in a religious ceremony with an heretical sect. There is a First Commandment issue to consider. But here we also have the added affront of the "stealth priestess". The presence of this woman is a not-too-subtle plug for what of course is an impossibility, yet this impossibility is not known to be impossible by many poorly catechised Catholics. "See, other religions that have "priests" allow women to be "priests". Why not our backwards Church?"

You belong to this parish. You go to Easter vigil. You see that we are to celebrate the holiest night of the year with a pretend priestess of a sect that denies essential truths of the Lord and Christ whose Resurrection you are here to celebrate.

It might be hard to contain oneself. If you have been told the truth, that is. Or else you just see it as an acceptable novelty in a Church that loves novelties.

This is a scandal. The questions I have are these: what can be done while the see of the diocese is vacant? And when will this nonsense ever stop?


long pants said...

Agreed. What JPII set in motion at that Assisi love fest is one more reason to put the brakes on his fast-track to canonization. He clearly overstepped the boundaries of our Catholic faith.

Barb Schoeneberger said...

The former Father Marek Bozek did this when he was pastor at a Southwest Missouri parish and it was trumpeted in the diocesan newspaper under the former bishop. No wonder this priest has come to such a bad end. Didn't know it was some liberal fad, though.

Jane Chantal said...


Your point about the "stealth priestess" (perfect term for it) is very well taken. I think you expressed the agenda there with perfect accuracy. Their use of this ploy to influence Catholic schoolchildren is particularly despicable.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm more appalled that they are starting the Easter Vigil and it clearly isn't nighttime yet.

Anonymous said...

I believe that if you check things out, you will discover that this woman attended a Catholic "seminary" in your own back yard, unless I am mistaken.

Sam said...

I am sickened by how the Cathloic Church is helping iteslf be destroyed from within. All Clergy who attended this vigil need to be disciplined.

Patrick Finley said...

The Church wont Fix itself until the church Reclaims true spirituality. Then people will be more then just "Going to Church"...they will be worshipping, big difference

This is why I am somewhat divided between both forms... Neither one is a solution unto itself. As much as people want to say the old form fixes things.... it doesnt. People DONT KNOW THEIR FAITH. When they dont know their faith, it doesnt matter what rubrics one places them too

Those who know their faith, and most importantly know Christ in the Eucharist, will make extra effort to make either form truly beautiful.

lex credendi lex orandi.

Worship has to be a part of your life...if it isnt... then any way you worship will be half hearted