03 April 2010

Beautiful Photographs at STLToday of Sister Marie of the Love of God and St. Francis de Sales Oratory

The above photo of Sister Marie of the Love of God, Provincial Superior of the Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ Sovereign Priest, is by Christian Gooden of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. There are many more beautiful photos at the STLToday gallery here.

There are also two very well-done slide shows, one of Sister Marie and the foundation of the Adorers' U.S. house, and one of the magnificent St. Francis de Sales Oratory. Commentary by Sister Marie and Canon Michael Wiener, Rector of the Oratory, is featured on each.

I will post tomorrow on the coverage in Sunday's edition of the Post.


A Fairy Godmother said...

I hope the parents of that pretty little girl frame that wonderful picture of her and sister Marie. They can also frame any other pictures if they happen to have other darling children in some of these pictures. . .
; )

Anonymous said...

Wonderful: Observation on the slide show. Sr. Marie is doing all this work in her habit. The modernists say that priests should be able to doff their clericals, well, anytime, they're not celebrating mass or at the parish. I would understand priests wearing work clothes to repair the rectory or church, whatever. But here, we see Sr. Marie in her full habit and it's covered in paints. Will it ever come clean? Hmmm...God bless Sr. Marie. A beautiful vision of femininity. She's not afraid of hard work or getting dirty either!

Is Sr. Marie alone right now? No other sisters to join her yet? Further, is Rosalind Moss' order established and present yet?

Wonderful slide shows. Happy Easter.

becket said...

Beautiful picture!.

Better not let the liberals or atheistic media see this. They may take it the wrong way!.

thetimman said...

Peggy, there will be other sisters sent from Italy, God willing. Sister Marie has already had one sister with her for about three months before she had to go back, and there is some reason to hope for more sisters here after the next profession of vows this year.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting:
Diocese of Dallas Clergy Assignments
Mater Dei Personal Parish, Irving, TX erected on April 4, 2010.
Reverend Thomas Longua, FSSP, appointed Pastor of Mater Dei Personal Parish, Irving, TX effective April 4, 2010.
Reverend Philip Wolfe, FSSP, appointed Parochial Vicar of Mater Dei Personal Parish, Irving, TX effective April 4, 2010.

Anonymous said...

Where is Sister Marie of the Love of God? Are the candidates entering the order in St. Louis as was reported?

Anonymous said...

Frances would like to know if there is news of Mother Marie of the Love of God.