05 April 2010

Breaking: On Opening Day, Leader Earns Historic First Cy Young Award

He may not actually play baseball, and the season is months from ending, but the Nobel Prize Committee have voted Dear Leader the 2010 Cy Young Award:


Anonymous said...

He throws like a girl (sorry ladies)

just wondering said...

i watched this earlier today via associated press and the boos were overwhelming. i was embarassed for the man. msnbc talked over most of that clip so you couldn't really hear the boos, but that crowd wasn't happy. the umpires shook his hand but they didn't look too sure about it. i thought it was funny at the annual white house egg roll how he didn't seem to be able to relate to the children, he walked around shaking their hands like he was campaigning, trying to get the votes of 3 and 4 year olds.
it's a topsy turvy world we live in i'm afraid timman.

cmziall said...

Ummm, I wouldn't even give him THAT much credit ANON! My 7yo can throw better than that and he's not on any teams!