05 April 2010

Catching Up

I tried to keep the blog posts to a minimum over the Triduum, so I wanted to do a little catch-up today.

1. First, I want to wish all of you a very happy and blessed Easter. I hope all of your Lenten resolutions brought you to a closer union with our Lord. The Holy Week liturgies were beautifully celebrated at the Oratory, as usual. I have always found the Triduum to be a moving experience, even prior to finding the traditional Mass. The coverage of the Oratory in the press this past weekend just dovetailed nicely with the culmination of a very spiritually beneficial Lent. Reading the entry in Divine Intimacy for Easter Sunday, I read the exhortation to celebrate the feast, not with the "old leaven", but with joy in the truth. Only by "doing the truth" can we really celebrate the Resurrection. And then these words, written by the Carmelite father who authored the book: "Truth, however, must be accomplished in charity-- vertitatem facientes in caritate, doing the truth in charity... without unity and mutual charity there can be no real Paschal joy." As a supporter of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest and its charism in the Church today, seeing the Institute's motto in this way struck me forcibly.

2. The world continues to hate the Church. This is, of course, nothing new, and was absolutely promised to us by our Lord. And the Church has always experienced persecution-- it would be presumptuous and factually inaccurate to claim our current situation is the worst through which She has gone. And it is equally presumptuous to claim we are in the final such persecution.

Yet we know through Divine Revelation that the Church will undergo a final persecution that will dwarf all that has gone before. We should always prepare our souls as though we are entering that period. Because it is always possible that we are, for one thing. And also because all of us are within 100 years of our own judgement at the outside. For most of us, much sooner. Is what is happening in the current media-manufactured maelstrom the beginning of the great persecution, or is it more of the same? It really doesn't matter. Christ is our life, and our only hope. If the world hates us, it has hated Him first.

3. Along those lines,
this laughable story appeared in the Post-Dispatch, and was forwarded to me by my brother because it mentions the heretical stations of the Cross at SLU. As usual, the SLU administration seems more concerned about placating anti- and non- Catholics than about ensuring a Catholic product. Providing a Catholic education, one that informs and supports the faith in its students, would be the most effective way to ensure charity and defuse "hate". The reason I put "hate" in quotes is because it seems to me that the term is mostly applied to Christ's Church and her doctrines. And so it is a lie and a smear. This story is another in the recent line of ginned-up "hate on the rise" stories, where the media may have nailed the phenomenon but utterly failed to grasp that the haters are those whom the media supports.

4. Enter the notorious Father Pfleger, Chicago area "progressive" priest who publicly supported the Leader in his selection campaign. He for some reason is receiving a
lifetime achievement award from the Office for Racial Justice in a ceremony presided over by Cardinal George. How is this possible? And to add to the outrage, this award takes away from the same being given simultaneously to Bishop Joseph Perry, a good bishop who should not have to share the stage with Pfleger.

5. Finally, and I post this with a degree of trepidation, I came across this video at a site that was linked from another site I read from time-to-time. It is a video poking fun at the stereotypical misrepresentation of how those who are "living in the past"-- in the Catholic context, traditionalists-- really view women and their worth. I post it as a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously and for apologists for tradition to "Know Our Limits."

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Jeff Geerling said...

Speaking of SLU... have you seen this?


thetimman said...

Jeff, thanks, now you've gotten me started...

Check back for a post on this baby.

Jeff Geerling said...

I think this is good enough to be Fr-Z-worthy :-)

Alysia said...

Why was a gay and lesbian group contributing to stations of the cross on a Catholic campus? Does anyone else see this as a problem? Well, apparantly the people who stole the cross in question saw it as a problem.