06 April 2010

Decree of Aposotlic Penitentiary Confirms and Expands Indulgences Granted to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest

Christus Surrexit! Surrexit Vere!

On the occasion of the Easter Feast, the Apostolic Penitentiary has issued a decree confirming the plenary indulgences that had been extended to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, and has granted many additional such plenary indulgences. The
text of the decree in Latin, with a French translation, can be found at the ICRSP main site. If you don't read either language, try google translate for a good time.

To summarize the provisions the Apostolic Penitentiary has granted the following plenary indulgences, under the usual conditions, for the following items:

1. Assisting at Mass at an Institute church on the Patronal Feasts of the Institute: Christ the King, Immaculate Conception, SS. Benedict, Francis de Sales and Thomas Aquinas.

2. For members of the Institute, attendance at the General Chapter.

3. At each apostolate, assisting at Mass there on the feast day of its titular patron.

4. Upon the saint's feast day when an Institute house has a greater relic of his.

5. At each apostolate at the conclusion of a canonical or official visit of the Prior General.

6. Upon incardination into the Institute at the Diaconate ordination.

7. Upon investiture as a Canon of the Institute.

8. Upon certain anniversaries of investiture as a Canon of the Institute.

The Institute had already been granted indulgences on the feast of its patrons, but this new decree extends the privileges of the former one tremendously. It also adapts them to the new canonical situation situation of the Institute as a Society of Apostolic Life of Pontifical Right, acknowledging the charism of its priests as Canons.

A great day for all those who love the Institute. I will post more if and when I get it.


Jeff Geerling said...

Very nice! Might get a few more repentant sinners to visit the Institute...

MrsC said...

Wow! What a generous and great blessing on the Institute and all those come close to it!

thetimman said...

I think this decree is proof of several things:

The Institute believes in the Church's teaching on indulgences, and actively seeks to obtain them for its members and the faithful attached to their apostolates.

Also, the Institute's way of doing things is, in addition to being doctrinally sound, also prudent. Rome is giving its blessing to the Institute's way of life, yes, and this is a result of the fact that the Institute has proven reliable.

It celebrates the liturgy correctly, beautifully and well. It does not claim to save the Church-- the Church is the vessel of salvation for us all. It works with the Bishops in the dioceses where it operates, without compromising the faith or its charism. It has not operated in a confrontational manner.

In this way it has the support of not only the so-called "conservative or traditional" bishops like Apb. Burke, but also of the so-called "liberal" bishops. Why? It respects the hierarchical governance of the Church, and its works bear witness to its words.

I am profoundly grateful for this decree, not only because I need all the indulgences I can get, but because it is a sign of God's blessings on the Institute.

MrsC said...

Well said, Timman!! I heartily agree. I love the Institute for all these reasons. By their faithful practice, they show how the liturgy could deepen our faith and bring us closer to God. I am deeply grateful for the Institute and the care it gives to the faithful entrusted to it. And it doesn't matter that we are in different apostolates!