12 April 2010

Government Motors, Elizabeth I and the Plan

Bear with me a little as I try to weave together some apparently unconnected threads:

Thread one-- the Government, personified by our glorious leader, takes over the greater part of domestic automobile production by effectively nationalizing GM and Chrysler. How this was done is yesterday's news, but the repercussions are just now being felt. GM and Chrysler must compete with other auto makers, at least temporarily. These competitors are several, but the biggest are Ford (which, though through mainly good luck did not need or accept the "bail-out" at the time it was so attractively dangled), the Japanese auto makers (the biggest of which is Toyota), and the auto makers of other foreign nations. Due to its ownership of the auto makers, the government has a direct economic interest in seeing the competitors fail.

So, what happens? Toyota is singled out for an alleged malfunction in the gas pedals of some of its cars. Lots of negative media attention is given to it by the press that functions more or less as the official government propaganda arm. A fairly suspicious news story is reported about a Prius' gas pedal sticking at 90 mph. Congress holds hearings and requires Toyota's officials to testify. Then the government announces it will impose sanctions on Toyota. Toyota bleeds money-- money for fines, for legal defense, for P.R. damage control, for fixes to its products.

Cui bono?

Thread two-- Henry VIII of England wants to have the ability to "be with" someone other than his wife. Unfortunately this is prohibited by Divine ordinance. Therefore, he petitions the Pope to declare his marriage to have been null and void. The Pope refuses to accommodate him. Henry has a need for the Church to declare his marriage null and void.

What does he do? He makes himself head of his own Church. He declares his marriage null and void. So far so good (in that sense only). He lives and dies in his own schism, and his sect is now a competitor with the true Church. After he dies, and after a brief period, his illegitimate daughter Elizabeth assumes power. Because the issue of religion impacts her legitimacy as Queen and the stability of her reign, she effectively outlaws Catholicism in her realm. Priests are arrested, tortured and killed, as are those who help them. Faithful Catholics are taxed and fined and imprisoned. Her opposition is hunted down and eliminated systematically.

Cui bono?

Thread three-- leaders of many nations like to promote and effect immoral policies, alone and in conjunction with each other. Though there are several pockets of resistance, most of the opposition to these policies come from two places-- one secular, one religious. One is the remnants of "conservative" or constitutionally-minded American citizens, the other is the Holy Catholic Church.

So what happens? An orchestrated effort of political institutions, politicians, the media, so-called cultural elites and the educational establishment set out to vilify, then to outlaw the opposition.

Vibrant groups of peaceful tea party protesters are labelled racists, terrorists, and threats to public safety. The government issues terrorist watch lists containing groups that made the country once great and who are largely the pillars of the societal order. It passes legislation and enacts regulations to control their behavior and stifle dissent.

The Church, and more specifically the most orthodox of her leaders, are targeted for smears. The orchestrated attacks use a reprehensible scandal of the recent past to go after the Holy Father and orthodox Bishops and faithful (N.B. I am not going to get into the issue of just why the scandalous behavior occurred in the first place in this post.). Who gets targeted? The very ones who would have prevented the behavior, or stopped it, or who would condemn the people and policies that made it possible. The end result is to destroy the moral credibility of the Church, and ultimately will be to outlaw its existence.

Cui bono?

Friends, in my humble opinion, we are in the early-middle stage of getting the Government Motors treatment.


Lainmassgirl said...

Brilliant Timman! I never thought of the Toyota connection, although I wondered why all the hype and fines, etc? Of course it is now in their best interest to eliminate the competition.

And for all members of the new political party and religion, EarthLibbers: Government takeover of private businesses is communism, not socialism. Hello? Is anybody in there?

X said...

You must be shrooming.

Latinmassgirl said...

Mr. X,

Maybe you should take off your dark framed nerdy glasses, start eating meat again, put down the cigarettes and use a little eye wash in those blood shot eyes. You would be surprised at how much you might really see then.

just wondering said...

i think the leader is not going to be satisfied until all our everything are belong to him.

Anonymous said...

and you should unveil your eyes miss latinmassgirl....you're as naive as they come. You with your conspiracy theories...get a life!