16 April 2010

Happy Birthday, Holy Father!

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StGuyFawkes said...

Here's what looks to me like a first rate blog.site dedicated to treating the Holy Father fairly, and the Church impartially.

This site reports that the "scandale du jour" is a Bishop who refused to turn over an abusing priest to civil authorities. This site reported that the Bishop took jail time because his knowledge of the priests transgressions took place, in effect, under the seal of confession.

The secular media will not pick up on this "nuance" because it betrays their purpose. Nice piece can be found here entitled "The Secular Inquisition".

I suggest we wish the Holy Father a Happy Birthday by defending him on every occasion. I am personally going to stalk West County Starbuck location and evesdrop on conversations where the Pope is denounced and then argue hard enought to make everyone spill their lattes.


St. Guy.