01 April 2010

Holy Thursday

This photo was taken from NLM and is from today's chrism Mass. Pray for the Holy Father today and every day.

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Anonymous said...

As I watched some of the services televised from the Vatican, I wondered about the various changes in the liturgy and found these pages. The author points out modifications made of the Pius V (pre 1955) missal in 1955, noting the removal of some readings. I found it interesting that in the Novus Ordo Missae some of the pre-1955 practices have been returned.

Does anyone who follows this blog think that we should return to the liturgy used prior to 1955, that is the Pius V missal? It seems that it would really be more traditional?

Why did the Oratory return to the 1955 practices rather than those prior to 1955?

Thank you in advance for responding. Here are the websites I am reading: