14 April 2010

If Our Military Were Really Fighting for Our Freedoms, Shouldn't They be over Here Protecting Us from the Police?

That question, posed by a friend of mine, seems reasonable in light of the above video of Prince George's County, MD police beating this student.


Badger Catholic said...

Better they make one example, then have 100 start a riot?

dulac90 said...

I'm glad you at least posed that as a question, BC. What, exactly, does the example demonstrate? That the rights of (law abiding) citizens can be suspended if the t.f. authorities want to make a display of brutality? That the innocent will be not be distinguished from the guilty if a little public intimidation is called for?

athanasius_magnus said...

I'm always willing to consider the abuse of power in certain circumstances, whether it be by police, military, or even other types of authority, such as the heirarchy of the Church. However, I am always very hesitant in any situation to jump to conclusions without seeing all the evidence. Although this video seems pretty straightforward, there is almost always something else we don't know about just by viewing a video. If all the evidence points to a clear case of misconduct in THIS situation, then it must be treated as such. However, we should be careful to treat political and secular authority on an individual basis rather than sweeping generalities, just as we would prefer others to treat our own priests and bishops. If this is a clear cut case of abuse, then it is this case ALONE, not all cops.