11 April 2010

Low(-down) Sunday

Hello, sorry for the slow blogging the last couple of days, as I participated in that enigmatic experience called camping. I was 50 miles away from a place that had ever heard of electricity, and another million miles away from internet access. Picking one's campsite beside a graveyard in the middle of NOWHERE doesn't sound appealing, but in at least this case it was fun. I discovered that sleeping on the ground is not good for my back, and that fishing is a lot of fun.

In other news, the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest has launched a very timely campaign for a spiritual bouquet for the Holy Father. Click here for details and a response form online.

The Knights of Columbus are also sponsoring a novena for the Holy Father.

I also have been remiss in congratulating David Kemna of the FSSP on the occasion of his ordination to the diaconate in March. David and his brother Mark, a seminarian at the Fraternity's seminary in Nebraska, are St. Louis natives and long-time members of the Oratory and formerly of St. Agatha's.

In choir at Mass today at St. Francis de Sales were seminarians from another traditional society, the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer from Papa Stronsay. These brothers (in the traditional Redemptorist tradition) also attend the FSSP seminary to prepare them for their eventual priestly ordination, and visited the Oratory today. They stopped by the church hall after Mass and met with the faithful.

It is great to see the robust growth of all of the young traditional Catholic movements in the Church today. To say it is none too soon is an understatement.


Patricia said...

Thanks for the info on the men with the black capes at the Oratory Mass today. What a great thing to be connected with so many people in parts of the world who support tradition and Tradition.

The Wisconsin pilgrimage is another example of the devotion to the Mother of God...and the organ and voices at the Oratory...perhaps a recording of the choirs and organ will take place one day.

My move from Northern California and my icon business as well has been like most moves, tough. Yet, the move decision was one that had to be done so I could be close to Catholic men and women.....I can say that in every way, this was an excellent decision. Friendly people and rich resources for living a good life.

Lots of children at the Masses, lots of Catholic men at the 8 AM daily Masses and the reverence and serious dedication to the Holy Mass are just wonderful!

Please note that Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights has excellent coverage on the Truth of the sexual abuse scandal, including naming public school and other entities that have been 'discovered' hurting our youth. And he speaks out constantly on TV and in public places and debates those who would denigrate our Holy Father and our priests by telling the facts which our local media does not recognize.
Last week I email Mark Reardon (KMOX in St. Louis) following his accusatory diatribe on his local radio show. I emailed the short texts from several Catholic League statements. Unfortunately, he was not really glad to get them. He has this mindset that is hard to break through.

The woman with a 25-year record of praying/speaking to staff/women through the gate at Planned Parenthood, Boyle and Forest Park Avenues, St. Louis said that the Times Dispatch used to carry information about injuries and deaths from the 'botched surgeries'
at this clinic. Not anymore, as the Dispatch staff is now too liberal. You would know her, she attends the St. Francis de Sales Oratory.

The Oratory had a great showing of Squires (teen Knights of Colombus) and others who courageously showed up for the 40-days campaign to pray for the victims and staff of this 'clinic'. Many churches had dedicated prayer warriors who stood up for the little babies and women and men and families who all suffer from the abortion experience.

Pray that the bill going through the MO legislative process passes, giving abortion 'doctors' a requirement to MEET with the woman and EXPLAIN the process of abortion and give a source of alternatives to abortion. I wonder if it will happen.

Such a bill in CA just never makes it far into the legislative process. This MO one I believe has passed one branch. Go to Missouri Right to Life Website for facts.

In Christ and His Blessed Mother,
Patricia in St. Louis, MO

cmziall said...

You continue to surprise me! First, the fighting of the raccoon and now CAMPING!?!?!? Impressive!

Patricia said...

The comment re the raccoon. I admire anyone who can admit to fighting a raccoon. No Disneyland creature this animal. I am familiar with them from when I lived in California. Remind me to tell you about the raccoon family what expected food one night and did not get it!

Patricia in St. Louis

Methodist Jim said...

Fishing or fishing?

thetimman said...


Latinmassgirl said...

I was at the 40 days with many Squires and even some Columbian Girls, Ladies Auxiliary and Knights of Columbus. All peaceful, of course.

One thing that was really horrible was the hired people that Planned Parenthood sent up and down the sidewalks in "plain clothes" to scare us. One woman in particular walked back and forth, standing about six inches behind us smoking and intimidating the children. I looked back at her and knew that if the devil had a face, it was hers.