13 April 2010

Random Headlines from Drudge

IT'S STARTING: U.S. FACES SEVERE DOCTOR SHORTAGE... (in which a shortage of 150,000 is predicted within 15 years)

Barney Frank gets high-altitude haranguing on health care... (in which the congressman's husband (?) protects him from two unhappy female opthamologists)

SHOCK: Healthcare overhaul won't stop premium increases... (in which I try my best to be shocked by the obvious)

SCIENCE CZAR TELLS STUDENTS: USA CAN'T BE #1 INDEFINITELY... (in which one of the many communists hired by Obama further lowers expectations for the inmates in government schools)

PERSONAL INCOME DROPS 3.2% SINCE OBAMA... (in which we reach a "duh" moment)


Peggy said...

I saw this related headline as well:

--Doctor-owned hospitals prohibited under new law:

60 new hospitals to be cancelled now.

Boy, that's improving access to healthcare. Arrghh those bishops playing along with this foolishness.

Poor now said...

My family knows firsthand of personal income drop. My husband didn't get his usual bonus' equally thousands of dollars last year because of the downturning economy, plus we are expecting to pay more in health insurance premiums soon because of Obama"care"!

spyguy said...

You do know this photo is a photoshop fake. Took me about 30 seconds to find the original.

Cat Woman said...

Well Spyguy,

We all know that the president smokes, so if it is a photoshop cigarette, at least it isn't scandalous is it? Although, he does hide his smoking from the public, so we can imagine that his anti-smoking laws made to save people from the toxins in smoke aren't too hypocritical.