15 April 2010

Wow, Great Idea.

Not. Never believe that there isn't some more degrading or more evil outrage than the last one you read about yesterday. And I also want to point out that the real headline of this post should be: "Scientists Murder Eighty Children.":

‘3 parent’ kids

by Emma Morton

UK scientists have created "designer embryos" containing DNA from a man and TWO women.

The breakthrough gives hope of healthy children to couples with genetic disorders in their families.

It also offers the prospect of eradicating fatal genetic diseases.

But the procedure - dubbed three person IVF - sparked controversy last night.

Researchers at Newcastle University set out to prevent damaged DNA in mitochondria - the "batteries" that power cells - from being passed on to offspring.

They removed nuclei from the sperm and egg of affected couples, leaving behind the mitochondria.

The nuclei were put into one of the fertilised eggs left over after other women had IVF treatment.

This egg had its nuclei removed - but retained its healthy mitochondria.

Eighty embryos were created but destroyed after eight days.

Lead researcher Professor Doug Turnbull said: "What we've done is like changing the battery on a laptop."

The scientists would need a special licence to culture embryos for longer periods and the procedure would currently be illegal in IVF clinics.

One in 200 British children born each year has a genetic mutation and some are fatal.

But opponent Josephine Quintavalle, of the anti-cloning group CORE, said: "They are creating a child with two mothers. We have to find better ways to cure diseases."


Anonymous said...

One in 200 British children born each year has a genetic mutation and some are fatal.


Eighty embryos were created but destroyed after eight days.

Sooooo, let me get this straight, we are going to produce and intentionally kill 80 babies in an attempt to help babies who might die? Makes sense . . . if you're insane.

Athelstane said...

Monstrous. Words fail.

Anonymous said...

I hope I am dead before the Justice of Our Lord strikes us...it'll be a whopper, I assure everyone.


adoption good option said...

Every infertile couple who has conventional IVF treatments has at least 20 embryo created. Then the doctor takes the best two and implants them into the woman. The others are frozen or destroyed. The frozen embryos are not the best choice for repeat invitro and they usually die even if the couple tries to use them. So, most IVF couples have 78 dead babies when trying to conceive one! That is sad, and most are not told the magnitude of their decision.

Jane Chantal said...

Of course -- as is well known -- those who advocate these horrors tell us that the living entities being destroyed are merely "clumps of cells". Like every one of us isn't (among other things) a clump of cells??

To paraphrase G. K. Chesterton: We are not arguing with the scientist who explains the embryo, but only with the sophist who explains it away.