01 May 2010

Anti-Human Eco-Terrorists Not Worth Investigating?

You probably haven't seen this story about a second oil rig that "overturned" in the Gulf of Mexico. It is not a result of the first rig spill.

Are these things so poorly constructed that they just fall over? Or is someone attacking them?

Since these incidents conveniently play into radical environmentalists' plans to destroy Western economies (and since they have one of their own occupying the White House), will we ever read about a serious effort to find, arrest and punish these people?

Or maybe these rigs are that fragile...

h/t LRC


Anonymous said...

I am also hearing concerns that it was sabotage by the Russians or the Koreans...? Who knows? I haven't heard much from BP. As you know, I'm no Obama-ite, but what has BP been doing to contain the spill--I'm sure something. O's been blamed for late response. Did BP ask for help? Did BP not seek any help? Did O's team deny help at first? I thought Jindal sounded very much on top of things yesterday--but again it's been many days since the first spill. He's looking out for the fisherman and the coastal way of life. Good man. Quite a contrast to Blanko.

athanasius_magnus said...

I'm not always so quick to board your conspiracy ship, but this one is quite convincing. Usually when something like this happens, there is always a media push to find out how it happened, how it can be prevented, etc. Maybe I missed it, but I haven't seen any of that in this case. How interesting. Just read on Fox News that Obama blamed BP... big surprise. This is all just another opportunity to put yet another roadblock in the very slow and tedious path to energy independence.

thetimman said...

"Conspiracy ship"? Moi?