18 May 2010

Another Immigrant Wins Political Asylum

Not many do, but count Aunt Zeituni in.

Fight the power!

Of course, I wonder if the DHS will appeal this decision, as it did when the German homeschooling family was granted asylum by an Immigration Judge.


Anonymous said...

I suppose my face will turn blue if I hold my breath til O takes responsibility for his destitute aunt who's allowed to stay in this country. He shall continue to foist her off on the taxpayers, typical of him. Gee, I read that the Obamas made out quite well in 2009. Sounds like he can afford to care for her. On the other hand, doesn't there come a point at which he's made enough money?

Anonymous said...

What is your criteria for "enough money"? Should everyone be limited to a particular limit?

Anonymous said...

You'll have to ask Obama. I am quoting him--mocking him if it's not clear to you. Does his own standard not apply to himself?