24 May 2010

Finally, Some Good News in the Field of Public Education

Cash-strapped Districts Cutting Summer School

Parents as Teachers Faces Funding Crunch


Anonymous said...

A girlfriend of mine who lives in Ballwin told me about her experience w/PAT. She, being a teacher, welcomed it and had no qualms about inviting the STATE into her home. I was rather creeped out about it myself. Now, when I sought Sp-Ed evaluation for my oldest when he was 3 and we lived in Va, an entire team of ladies came into our home and frightened both little guys. Stranger adults, women in particular, make them quite apprehensive. I chalk it up to the orphanage experience and the constant changing of the guard with shift changes. No attachments, no love and affection or security. Poor little guys.

Although I did not care for the intrusiveness, it was not that bad and we were accustomed to it from the home study and post-adoption visit process. You're reminded very deeply that these kids are not your own and you're being trusted to love and care for them. If you don't...But now after 6 years we're more secure in that area.

Spy watcher said...

P.A.T. should never be called by anybody. My best friend was told by her "teacher" as she looked around her house that it was their job to make sure the children were being raised right. They receive 2 weeks training, and some are not even parents!!!

Anonymous said...

Spy..I agree that I heard PAT to be very intrusive. I would not invite the govt in to tell me how to parent.

In VA, while the boy was extensively evaluated for his various developmental progress, they only asked about his background and factors that contributed to his low development. [So, certainly the bio parents weaknesses and the orphanage experience were at issue in that sense.] It was not our parenting style or values that were at issue.

But, throughout the home study process, we were worried that there might be some politically correct biases about our values and parenting as Catholics. Happily that never came to pass.

Latinmassgirl said...


We adopted a baby girl from Russia six months ago. Where did you adopt your boys from? Our home study was fine because we hired a Christian agency and the social worker used to home school.
Russians do not home school as they have a blind faith in everything their government does "for" them.

They were incredulous that we brought a car seat for our baby as it is not the law there, so they simply don't use them, even though it is safer for their baby. Especially considering they drive like maniacs.