12 May 2010

Missouri House Strips Amendment from Education Bill that Would Have Lowered Compulsory School Attendance Age

Yet further proof that homeschoolers have some political clout in Missouri, as the Missouri House drops the reduction in compulsory school attendance age. This was the subject of the HSLDA action alert I posted recently. From STLToday:

Education bill loses its steam as it goes through Legislature

By Juana Summers


Senators stripped out a number of provisions late Monday in an attempt to move the bill ahead in the legislative process.

"The thought last night was to take this down to the smallest bill that we possibly could," said Sen. David Pearce, R-Warrensburg.

One provision given the ax was an amendment proposed by Sen. Joe Keaveny, D-St. Louis, that would make the mandatory school attendance age 6, instead of 7, in St. Louis and Kansas City schools. The provision drew the ire of home school advocates who said parents, and not the government, should decide when a child is ready to begin school.


Great news, but remember that the fight is not necessarily over. From the article:

A number of provisions cut from the House bill — which is likely to go to conference — could still be amended onto other bills.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed, our 'ire' is sufficiently roused and ever at the ready to make rightly understood our unified, and well prepared will. And unified, we will meet one at a time and in full those same provisions in any future bill.