04 May 2010

There Will Be No Catacombs

--In which the blogger invites readers to board the 'conspiracy train' and waxes philosophical about the state of things--

OK, here goes...

Since December there have been two alleged terrorist incidents in the news.

First, a Nigerian man boards a plane for the U.S., apparently with the active assistance of U.S. officials, who shepherded him past airport security and in contravention of normal boarding procedure. This man allegedly attempts to blow up the plane as it nears the landing site, but is stopped by passengers, and a great tragedy is averted. This is followed by a call to install full body scanners in U.S. airports. Never mind that these scanners would likely not have detected the type of bomb used in this case.

Second, a naturalized Pakistani man who is a registered democrat voter in Connecticut allegedly leaves a car bomb in an SUV in Times Square. A helpful street vendor gets suspicious when smoke comes from the car (though maybe the fact that anyone could get a parking spot in Times Square tipped him off) and reports it to police, and a great tragedy is averted. This is followed by a call for even more security cameras. Never mind that the camera would likely not have averted a real car bomb from being detonated.

Luckily for innocent people in the two incidents, the Nigerian underwear guy made a very clumsy, slow, and obvious attempt to detonate what was ultimately a "dud" so that passengers had time to intervene. Just as luckily, the Times Square SUV emitted smoke prior to being detonated and the terrorist was kind enough to walk into an airport-- just the place where one escapes being scrutinized-- and gets arrested.

An aside-- the ETA blows people up in Spain with car bombs all the time. They always seem to work. In fact, the ETA often warns the Spanish government ahead of time that they are about to set one off, and it seems mighty difficult to prevent it from happening. I've never read about an ETA car-to-be-bombed emitting smoke ahead of time.

To bring this to the point, I think there is a noticeable trend. Follow news events, and see that with every crisis issue, the government ratchets up the security apparatus on people who had nothing to do with the crisis. Airline passengers, visitors to government buildings, people driving their cars, people walking the streets are all made to endure more invasive, more humiliating treatment to ensure "security".

More cameras, more control; less privacy, less freedom.
And nowhere to hide.

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