03 May 2010

UK Does What It Does Best-- It Criminalizes the Truth

It isn't like this news item comes as any surprise, considering where the so-called enlightened countries of the West have been heading. First, hate crimes laws make already criminal acts super-dee-duper crimes based upon the alleged motivations of the criminal. Assault becomes worse based on the reason for the assault, for instance. Then, of course, this fails to satisfy the mob and the motivation of the criminal is not enough. Rather, the feelings of the victim--their perception of the situation-- become paramount. Assault becomes worse based upon the subjective feelings of the victim. Then, as this fails to quite satisfy a sort of strict liability comes to pass. Assault becomes worse based upon the type of victim, without regard to motivation or perception.

In the end, just as the opponents of these laws said they would, pure speech becomes a crime.

Here in the most pusillanimous of countries, the UK-- which can't muster the moral courage to criticize blowing people up because they aren't followers of Mohamed-- giggles with glee to target Christians. Catholics are the best targets, of course, but Baptists will do in a pinch; this is especially true when they dare to tell the truth about sodomy.

From the full story in the UK Telegraph:

Christian preacher arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin

A Christian street preacher was arrested and locked in a cell for telling a passer-by that homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of God.

By Heidi Blake
Published: 1:05PM BST 02 May 2010

Dale McAlpine was charged with causing “harassment, alarm or distress” after a homosexual police community support officer (PCSO) overheard him reciting a number of “sins” referred to in the Bible, including blasphemy, drunkenness and same sex relationships.

The 42-year-old Baptist, who has preached Christianity in Wokington, Cumbria for years, said he did not mention homosexuality while delivering a sermon from the top of a stepladder, but admitted telling a passing shopper that he believed it went against the word of God.

Police officers are alleging that he made the remark in a voice loud enough to be overheard by others and have charged him with using abusive or insulting language, contrary to the Public Order Act.


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Jane Chantal said...

The noose is tightening.

And in this country we have a monster, Kevin Jennings, who advocates the distribution of gay pornography to children, entrusted with the safety of our students.

Utter insanity.