07 May 2010

"We Don't Need Any Reason. This is the United States."

This is an audio recording on You Tube of what happens when some Catholics Canadians try to enter the United States and fail to show the proper reverence for the regime's gatekeepers.  Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

This doesn't surprise me and is certainly not new. I am a US citizen and have crossed the border at least 10, maybe 15 times by car in the last 13 years, between Washington and British Columbia; between Ontario and New York; and between Quebec and Vermont. Uniformly, I have been asked ridiculous, harrassing, asinine questions by the US Customs Service, which seemed to be designed to make me "dance."

Conversely, when I cross into Canada at any of those border crossings, I am politely asked, "Is your trip to Canada for business or pleasure? Where are you going in Canada? How long are you staying in Canada? Welcome to Canada!"

I experienced this obnoxious behavior exhibited by American customs officials long before the current presidential administration and long before September 11, 2001. I first visited Canada in 1997 and it has been the same every time. Interestingly, I have never had such problems when returning to the USA by air, even from Canada.

This behavior seems to fit the mold of behavior of people on power trips who work as rent-a-cops or even local police who were unable to pass the test to become state police officers.

In the time it took them to harrass me or the people in this video, 100 illegal immigrants walked across our Southern border, perhaps among them a terrorist.

Anonymous said...

I listened. I gotta say Timman:

1. He's not an American citizen.
2. Frankly, the guy was an argumentative a-hole. He kept digging a deeper hole for himself with his tone and then his stupid statement about whether the authorities think he's going to shoot them. Then his wife got distraught. I think I heard small children too. What a mess! Any one can tell you never act like a smart a** with the cops--fair or not.

I have traveled internationally numerous times. I would not mess with immigration authorities in any country. I also think one is in a no-man's land of justice when under immigration authorities upon entry and exit of a nation--certainly which is a concern.

thetimman said...

Peggy, I don't follow you all the way on the personality description, but, assuming you are 100% right, I don't think being rude should get you arrested. US Customs can keep anybody out, but this wasn't a simple, "You know what, your request for entry is denied-- turn your car around there and get out of here." It was a prolonged detention with petty abuse of power.

So, we can disagree.

No JERKS allowed! said...

I agree with Peggy. WHen my husband and I went to Russia we were very respectful of their country's right to either admit, or deny us entrance into their country.

The Canadian was an absolute JERK who was clearly looking for trouble. The border guards have a very difficult job because they are not allowed to profile, so they must treat all the same, hence the questions.

The guards also risk possible arrest and jail if they shoot a criminal who is carrying drugs, as we know with Ramos and Compean.

So, all arrogant Canadians looking for trouble can go shopping in their own country as far as I'm concerned. And the guy on the video can take a few lessons in humility. I would have killed him personally if he were my husband, but then I wouldn't marry such a jerk.

athanasius_magnus said...

Being rude may not necessarily be reason for arrest, but certain behavior can definitely be reason for caution in various situations. Once again we have footage of a situation taken out of context (no video, nor surrounding situation, most notably). What was the reason for the recording? There have been cases in the past of people recording encounters with police officers with the sole purpose of aggravating them. I know several police officers who work in various venues, and we can only imagine the kinds of circumstances they are put in every single day. Sure, there are abuses of power, as with every area of work. But this "cut and paste" recording is quite lacking in the evidence of such abuse. The only thing that stands out as questionable is the extreme detail of questioning in the very beginning. However, even in that case we don't know from this recording alone if there was any previous encounter that may have led officers to believe that this man would be dangerous and therefore question him more descriptively. I'm not a cop myself, but just based on the tone in this guy's voice I would certainly be on guard.

I would be cautious not to fall into the same category as Obama: "I don't know all the facts, but I would say that the police officers acted stupidly."

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree the ultimate consequences became harsh for the guy. I won't say he deserved what he got, but he did keep going down a road of challenging the officers and had a belligerent tone. No, he should not be arrested for being rude--but doesn't that happen a lot anyway with civilian police--fair or not? Isn't that what happened with Skip Gates--Obie's friend? If this bothers you, then we really have a bigger justice problem than at the border.

Not having video, it's not clear what alleged physical altercation occurred. I assume that's what tipped the scale to an arrest--allegations that the guy was physical with the officer.

I don't think the Canadian tourist "played the game" right, and it resulted in a unreasonable use of power by the border guards.

The initial question, while it sounded silly to the Canadian tourist, could have been answered with truthfulness and forthrightness even though the guy wasn't precisely sure what stores he'd visit at the Mall. The officer later explained why they asked. The guy could have said, "I don't know precisely which stores, but we understand there's a Toys R Us, or a Macy's. [whatever]..that interest us." The guy started off by being defensive about the Q. And he kept saying stupid things that didn't help his situation.

Anonymous said...

I very respectfully disagree with those of you who think our Canadian visitor had an uncooperative air about him. The stupidity of some of the questions put to him were intentionally provoking and could not possibly be answereed in any tone other than incredulty at first, followed by anger once the man realized he was being treated disrespectfully by "a little man with a gun." Many, many, many of the border guards at Detroit have been absolute jerks in their behavior for decades now. Those living far from this border would not know about it and red-blooded American patriots would like to hear an explanation here excusing the border guard, but there is none. This goes on all the time.

Real Man said...

Last Anon,

The Canadian was rude and obnoxious, there is no debate on that matter.

I expect our border guards do their job, yes, their job. They have the security of our country in their hands and I do appreciate them and their efforts in a very thankless job. They may have to ask intrusive questions to try to trip up the dealers or smugglers, but that isn't their fault. Most people are not drug dealers or terrorists, but there are some who are.

So let's give our guards a pat on the back for doing their job and not being the "courteous" wimps the Canadian guards are. Who would you rather have protecting you and your family?

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely true. The border guards are rude and very very self obsessed. I remember once flying into Houston in order to get a flight out in transit to Australia. What was the purpsoe for my visit? I said I am just passing through to Australia. I was cautioned about how lucky I was to be in the USA. I explained I was just passing through not staying. It was not enough. What is it with The USA and men in uniforms with moustaches like the Village People? It seems the US has an overwhelming conceit that is greater than the rule of law. Canadians like Australians are used to the rule of law. Our Police do not handcuff us as routinely in the USA. Why? Because the Police will leave themslves open to wrongful arrest.

Anonymous said...

I actually secretly think the USA would have liked to annex Canada. Did you know a rage number of Colnists did not back the Revolution and went to Canada. Do you know New Zealand is a neighbour of Australia and we do not have to have passports to visit eachother.The Canadian was simply upset by the overbearing and arrogant way the border guars sort of sneering at him beacuse he was Canadian.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about all the gramatical and typographical mistakes.....late at night half asleep

T.H.F. said...

The Canadians have a basic "open door policy," to all those who want to enter their country. They do not have real laws on immigration and welcome most everybody, without the strict standards that we try to have. This leaves our border wide open for terrorists to illegally enter our country through Canada. Not to mention the drug dealers.

Being courteous to every rude Canadian tourist shopping in our country is not important, and is really ridiculous to expect the guards to ask "kind questions." They don't want to be responsible for the one bomber who said he was "shopping."

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you wrote Catholics, crossed it out, and wrote Canadians. Not trying to be rude, I just don't see how it relates to Catholicism at all. I guess I don't get the joke.

thetimman said...

Not a joke; just making a point. Substitute Catholics for Canadians, and try to put yourself in their shoes.

Anonymous said...

I think this recording shows things went pear shaped when the border guard discovered they were Canadians and they could not say exactly which shop they were going to although they said their own address and which shopping mall they were going to. Basically they questioned authority and why not? As for the rubbish about Canada letting in foreigners that is just rubbish. Both the USA and Canada are lands of immigrants and are targets of terrorism. I am sure these Canadians did not fit any description of terrorist etc. I will talk bluntly. The USA is not the centre of the world. You are a largely corrupt, undemocratic (voting is not compulsory as it is in my country), immoral, ignorant and arrogant country. You corrupt the rest of the world in areas like abortion and liberal dissent. These you force on the world in the UN called reproductive rights.You gave us hippies and Hollywood. You have gun culture. In my own country carrying a firearm will put you in jail.America is not liked for the same reasons the Canadians had problems. In no way did they make any threats but their comment "What are you going to do shoot me" which was NOT a threat was distorted and the guards told a lie. Why? Because any questions asked about the way authority is used is taken as an attack upon "Uncle Sam". The USA has done some pretty bad things. Stolen California and occupied the Philipines. Samoa. You have bases in Japan which they do not like. Look in mirror. You are a children in a world you do not grasp. Thank God for the Catholic Church in the USA. It helps you belong and look outside you culture. The Cathlic Church is your real country of citizenship and it is its beliefs and view that allows you to critique your own country as I do my own!

thetimman said...

Last anonymous, I would argue with your citation of "gun culture" in the US. The only thing that guarantees the least modicum of freedom in a non-Catholic country is the right to bear arms.

Canada is a regime that punishes free speech by fines and jail, especially speech that upholds the natural moral law.

So, while I think your larger criticisms of the US are legitimate, it isn't as though it's a lot better anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

The Canadian visitor was not being uncooperative or disrespectful. Listen to the dialogue. There's no place like America, but we're far from perfect. (Anon 8:09 is generally correct.) This is a good, recorded example of us at our worst. The border patrol officer should not be penalized (we should almost never penalize our officals for how they act on the job) but he should be spoken to and strongly corrected.