17 May 2010

We Have Always Been at War with Eurasia

Up is down, black is white. The Constitution of the United States is just so much Kleenex.

The Supreme Court has held, with only two dissents (Thomas, and Scalia in part), that federal officials can indefinitely hold inmates considered "sexually dangerous" after their prison terms are complete. Of course!! Some federal official considers them dangerous.

Even if the Constitution gave them this power, which of course it doesn't, I don't remember Congress ever passing a law that made it a crime to be considered "sexually dangerous". Usually, one has to commit an act that is against the law, then he faces a trial by jury where he is considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, then he is sentenced, then he completes his sentence, then he is released.

But no more. Indefinite detention is A-OK.

As long as he is "sexually dangerous."

Boy, I can't wait until "religiously dangerous" people are locked up indefinitely!


Alison said...

So you are a six continent advocate?

I was fortunate enough to meet Clarenence Thomas a few years back. One thing that he did mention that people do not read the United States Constitution. They will pour over the directions to the lastest techno gadget but won't read the constitution. I carry copies with me and it is amazing how many opportunities you have to give them out. I order 50 copies at a time from the Cato Institute.

Anonymous said...

I am concerned with this ruling as well. This seems to set the constitution on its head--but what else is new these days.

I suppose it sounds indecent to be opposed to this ruling, however, since, of course no one wants rapists and perverts to be able to harm others. And it seems to be the reality that these people cannot be "cured."

Rush also brought up a good point. So, why is it okay to hold perverts indefinitely, but not Islamic terrorists--who are "religiously dangerous" in fact.

This is indeed a troubling ruling.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps people who procreate 'irresponsibly' will be called 'sexually dangerous' and be locked up until they can no longer procreate.

F.R. Duplantier said...

Why not lock them up indefinitely BEFORE they commit a crime?

thetimman said...


Hear, hear!

You are talking about locking up the Catholics, right?

No Terrorists said...


I would not call the terrorists religious in any way. Although Islamic terrorists do claim to be religious and believe in God, they do not believe in the one true God that we believe in. So they are basically nut cases who use their faulty religion as a recruiting tool for other hateful killers.