04 May 2010

Youth Choir Camp Scholarship Fund

This is exciting news related to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest's Youth Choir Camp, August 1-6 (about which I posted here). To help defray the costs of the camp, and to assist those children who would otherwise not be able to afford to attend, the Institute has begun a scholarship fund. I ask readers to prayerfully consider a donation to this fund. The work of restoration in the Church requires youth who will learn and advance our great Catholic musical tradition.

The following letter will appear in the Oratory's bulletin:

The Oratory is committed to an authentic Catholic formation of the faithful, both adults and children. The Saint Nicholas Choir affords a unique opportunity for children of the Oratory to study the rich heritage of the Faith through sacred music. The Choristers in the Saint Nicholas Choir, whose singing we enjoy once each month, are taught the fundamentals of musicianship, vocal technique, and basic music theory.

This year marks the first of what will hopefully be an annual choir camp for the St. Nichols Choir. We currently have 24 children on the choir roster, a very hearty number by any standard. There is an informative brochure available detailing many aspects of the choir camp, which I recommend to those interested in the musical and catechetical formation of our children.

The choir camp is open to any child age 9-15, regardless of musical experience or membership in the choir. My sincere hope is that every child will have the opportunity to attend this week of formation and learning. To that end, Canon Wiener has graciously begun a scholarship fund to ensure that no child is unable to attend due to financial difficulties. As you are aware, many of our families are exceptionally blest with many children. As a result it is not uncommon to have several choristers who are siblings. I ask for your generous contribution to help ensure not only the success of our choir camp, but more importantly the education and formation of the future – our children.

Checks may be made payable:

Saint Francis de Sales Oratory – memo: Choir Camp Scholarship fund.
2653 Ohio Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63118

For more information, the Oratory rectory phone number is 314-771-3100.

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