10 June 2010

I Don't Believe in Nothin' No More

Show me no hate, indeed. The pro-sodomy forces of Madrid can only be so tolerant. Of course, this should come as no news to anyone, but in this case the wondrous irony kicks up a notch. Now, the intolerance of the tolerance crowd encompasses a whole group of people defined not by any opinion, but merely by their circumstances of birth. The non-haters now hate other non-haters from a hated demographic group that promotes hate. Is it any wonder that Europe is dead?

From the UK Guardian:

Madrid gay pride march bans Israelis over Gaza flotilla raids

Organisers say it would be 'barbaric' to allow group to take part, but Israelis say Islamists would try and 'cure' them all

Giles Tremlett in Madrid

A delegation of gay residents of Tel Aviv has been banned from joining a gay pride march in Madrid because authorities in the Israeli city have not condemned the recent attack on the Gaza flotilla.

"After what has happened, and as human rights campaigners, it seemed barbaric to us to have them taking part," explained Antonio Poveda, of Spain's Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transexuals and Bisexuals. "We don't just defend our own little patch."

The Tel Aviv group have reacted angrily to the decision, claiming that the Madrid activists were getting their priorities wrong by mixing the nine flotilla deaths with gay pride.

"I cannot recall anyone asking the Tel Aviv city hall to either support or condemn in this case. That is not their job. I also don't recall Madrid's gay organisations condemning any of the Palestinian terrorist attacks on cafes or buses," Eytan Schwartz, a spokesman for the city told Spain's El Mundo newspaper.

"Don't they know that Islamist fundamentalists don't just want to finish off Israel, but that they also believe homosexuals should 'cure themselves' or die?"

"It is shameful that they should join with pro-Palestinian and fundamentalist groups which are not exactly tolerant with homosexuality," he said.

"Why do they mix politics with a gay pride procession? We were invited as an apolitical association and we do not represent the government," Mike Hamel, one of the Israeli invitees, said.

Schwartz said that Tel Aviv had also extended an invitation to Madrid to send a gay delegation to the city.

Among other things, Tel Aviv had planned to take the Spanish organisers of the march to Gaza so they could witness a place "that is controlled by the fundamentalists of Hamas, who do not respect any human rights and believe that homosexuals should be killed," Schwartz said.

"We invited the organisers of the gay pride event in Madrid to join a march this Friday in Tel Aviv, the only place in the Middle East where you can be gay in public," he said.

"They would be able to talk to Arab gays who travel here secretly because they would be murdered at home if they revealed their sexuality."


And not to spot irony abroad only, the retort by the pro-sodomy Israelis that Muslims are bad because they would try to "cure" homosexuals does put an interesting spin on George Bush's "they hate us for our values" position, doesn't it? I'm not pro-Islam by any means, but that spin always struck me as particularly bankrupt.


Athelstane said...

Yes, we should remember that some of the "values" for which they hate us are truly virtues - and some are vices. Often quite wicked ones.

X said...

No, they do hate us because of our values and rightly so. We are an empire which has long since rejected Catholic/Christian virtues for Masonic/Talmudic values. We embrace pride rather than humility, we promote and export lust and avarice rather than chastity and charity, we reward sloth before diligence and gluttony over temperance. That scoundrel was never more right than when he made that claim, it is our "values" they hate and reject, good for them

Latinmassgirl said...

Mr. X,

If Americans don't embrace charity, than why do we give more to charity than any other country in the world? We give twice the amount as the second ranking county, Britain. We are a generous nation.

The mass murders by the Islamic extremists really hit home don't they? The hanging of the seven year old boy "spy" in Afghanistan, recently really showed their values, don't you think?

When I spoke with a nun from a convent in _____(I cannot even say where, or they may be persecuted as there is only one there), she told me (while fearful of a wire tap) that most of the babies they have at their orphanage/convent were simply abandoned on the street by the Muslims, or saved by the nuns from death by the Muslims. We couldn't adopt any because Muslims will not allow it as they hate Christians, because we do not "worship as they do". You know - Jihad to infidels. This nun and her representative told me that the girls are killed if they get pregnant out of wedlock even if by being raped - buried to their neck and stoned to death. They save the girls by getting them out of the city and then keep their babies. What values Muslims have! America should have such morals.

Gays are always fearful of being cured, but I assure you the cure for a gay in a Muslim occupied country is not counseling, and they do not follow the Geneva Convention either.

Your anti-American rhetoric is so tiring. Please, feel free to go live in Iran. The Muslims have such values, that they would force you to convert, or die. How nice of them, America should be so moral.

Get off your hate-America blinders, and open your eyes to the harsh reality of the Muslims who despise us ONLY because we stand in the way of their world domination. I assure you that if everybody in our country were all devout Catholics, we would still be in the missile path of iran.

X said...

"Take not away my soul, O God, with the wicked, nor my life with men of blood. In whose hands are iniquities, their right hand is filled with gifts."