23 June 2010

Indeed: If we don't permit police officers to slug jaywalking teenage girls in the face, the terrorists will win.

From LewRockwell.com


ATW said...

How long do you think St. Francis de Sales Oratory would last if the St. Louis Police Dept were disbanded tomorrow? How long before it was looted and burned to the ground by the poor "Mundanes" who inhabit that neighborhood? Or would you form a parish militia to defend it?

I have no great love for our ever expanding federal government but this police bashing is misdirected. Some of the young punks with tatoos and piercings all over their bodies, that I encounter every day, could use a little discipline which they obviously are not getting in the home. Traditionalists have a fondness for the 1950's. If these young people, or foreigners crossing the border from Canada, showed a little respect for officers in uniform they might not get themselves into this kind of trouble.

We've all seen the videos of police offers gunned down during a routine traffic stop. They never know when the most innocent situation will quickly become violent and deadly and they are trained to take control of the situation from the get go in order to protect their lives. Unfortunately, smart mouthed youths, or over bearing Canadians, mouth off and become uncooperative at their own risk. I have no sympathy for them.

If people in general were more respectful and peaceful, then maybe our paramilitary police could behave more like peace officers. But that is not the society we live in. The Culture of Death is not a nice place.

We have some pretty unsavory charachters in our society and I for one am greatful for the thin blue line that protects me and my family from them.

As for federal power grabs, that's another issue.


thetimman said...

Well stated, ATW.

athanasius_magnus said...

I was wondering when you were going to comment on this story. I completely agree with ATW. Some additional points:

Once again we have cropped footage which leaves out what led to this incident. Even if I didn't know what happened, just the fact that it is missing should send a red flag to a critical observer.

Do we ever stop to ask why there are cameras/microphones rolling during certain incidents? Some people seem to be all about conspiracy except when it involves setting up a police officer. Interesting...

The only beef I have with the cop is that he couldn't restrain that girl. That has to be embarrassing.

When I used to work at a restaurant, I had this theory that everyone should work at a restaurant at least once, and then we would treat waiters with much more respect. This is quite a subjective conclusion, yet with a very broad underlying concept. Certainly many, if not all, of us could say something similar about our own line of work. However, this is particularly true of those who put their life on the line every day. I think we tend to ignore how often cops' hands are tied. Situations that we may not even give a second thought can become a nightmare, trying to appease protocol and survival at the same time. Maybe we would look at things differently if we were getting shot at on a regular basis, just "doing our job."

Anonymous said...

You Americans are just not self reflective. I think you should consider where your parents (or grandparents come from. You have created a violent culture and that is what you need to focus on.
A policeman snaps because he is being derided and you see it as a plot? Your police are routinely abusive because of you violent gun culture. You need to reflect that perhaps your constitution is at fault. That you base your outlook and assumptions upon the Constitution which is a man made thing springing from the Enlightenment and many of the false ideas it embodies. The rest of the world laughs at you with good reason! Think like men and Catholics!

thetimman said...

Athanasius: I gave ATW credit because it is easy to reflexively snark on the police when they do this type of thing, and his larger point of the dedication and important work under difficult circumstances was well-taken.

That doesn't change the fact that this incident is completely unjustifiable, and your comment evidences a very common and I believe mistaken attitude by most Americans that police officers should be forgiven any and every behavior because of the points ATW made. I disagree.

The girl jaywalked. Jaywalked. Not even a misdemeanor, but an infraction. A ticket, if even worth that. Yes, she was a smart aleck. But what you are saying, and what ATW at least insinuated, is that being a smart aleck is a good enough reason for the police to commit assault.

Good luck when they come for Catholics. Meekly submit or get clobbered-- or worse.

That is not my idea of justice. What happens if the police officer walks away?

You like cameras at intersections to catch criminals. Here's one.


I can only suppose you are not an American, but come from a country where people cannot legally provide for their own self- and home- defense. Good luck to you-- I wouldn't trade places for the world. Thinking and acting like Catholics, yes. Rejecting enlightenment fallacies about the nature of man, yes. But until there is a Catholic monarch in place, I don't see the Brussels bureaucrats or their counterparts in the pansified modern world rejecting them, either.

Bill said...

So if the offense is minor, we should be able to be physically and verbally abusive to police officers and escalate the situation to the point where any further action they take would be deemed excessive and we should expect them to just walk away?

Sorry, the cop was right. Case closed. I know too many cops and I know of too many dead cops. I've heard these stories too often. For his own safety and for the general welfare, once SHE escalated the situation and began wrestling with him, he needed to put her down hard and fast. He did so without drawing his weapon and now they're all still alive. He did the right thing.

ATW said...

"Good luck when they come for Catholics. Meekly submit or get clobbered or worse."

When they come for Catholics I suppose I'll have two options: resist with lethal force and probably die in a hail of police bullets; or meekly submit to government authority. What did St. Thomas More and St. Maximilian Kolbe do?

Then again, if you could convince our Holy Father to issue a Bull declaring our President and government deposed for the myriad of crimes committed against God and nature and releasing us from our obligation of obedience and allegiance to them, I would be one of the first to join the Catholic and Royal army to try and wrest control of the country in the name of God and His Church. In the meantime, it seems submission is my duty, however unappealing it is or however reluctant I may be.

This seems a matter of authority to me. Do I as an individual citizen have the authority to decide when I will and will not submit to the properly constituted civil authority in matters of traffic law and border control? Shouldn't we save our rebellion for matters of forced abortion, closed churches due to politically un-correct preaching, and your rounding up of Catholics? And even then, don't we need someone in legitimate authority, bishops, the Pope, to authorize our rebellion against the government? I'm just asking. Perhaps I don't properly understand the obligations that Holy Mother Church places on me to respect and obey authority even as I use all lawful means to work for what is moral and just.

Don't get me wrong. I am not opposed to a good fight. I spent 27 years in the naval service and served in one overseas campaign. I have always identified with and had a fondness for the Centurion in Sacred Scripture and whose words are featured in every Mass. He knew what authority was. How it was exercised and how to exercise it. I think he would not hesitate to submit to legitimate authority, even if he did not agree with it, and he would not look kindly on people who tried to buck his exercise of authority, especially in such small matters as jay walking and border control.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me! Most of the errors in the Church come from your mixed up country! Reading these comments it is like reasoning with a retarded child. So many countries copy your ridiculous culture! We cannot avoid it! The free market gave us Holliwood, Wall Street, Americanism, Judge Judy, Dr Phil, Oprha. Just children in a world of adults. Woodrow Wilson detroyed Catholic Europe! Did I mention Cardinal Spellman dresses a woman? Did'nt he go to Vatican II. Your country is like an over flowing sewer that floods into other peoples' houses! By the way Britain freed the slaves long before you did. when you freed then you kept them on slave wages in the St Louis Bread Company! What hope is there for the Church when even Trad Catholic worship their own culture!

thetimman said...

Anonymous Euro,

Thank you for playing. As a consolation prize you'll receive "Saint Louis Catholic: the Home Game".