10 June 2010

John 16:2-3 and Komen

...yea, the hour cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doth a service to God. And these things will they do to you; because they have not known the Father nor me.

It's that time of year again, when thousands of well-meaning St. Louisans will descend on Downtown, pony up money, and engage in the Susan G. Komen "Race for the Cure". The Saint Louis Archdiocese has consistently maintained its opposition to this event because of the fact that many Komen affiliates provide funding to Planned Parenthood, and because the group supports embryonic stem cell research, which necessitates the cloning and murder of human beings.

The Post-Dispatch has covered the Archdiocese's opposition
here, and the Archdiocese's position on the Komen group can be found here.

What I'd like to focus on in this post is the absolutely predictable reaction by local worldlings. Allow me to highlight and respond to a few of my favorites--though they are all very fine in their own ways. From the STLToday article:

(all comments include original spelling and grammar)

Does anyone really care anymore what the Pediphile infested, self important, arrogant, out of touch, guilt feeding, criminally involved, self proclaimed superior, Archdioces and its band of blind employed and self important sychophants think?

Your or rather the followers of the religion you represent come to the church (not your church) to worship the lord, not you , not your personal beliefs , but rather, God, Jesus Christ, the Ten commandments, and the written word… PERIOD!

Look back at current history, look further back at ancient and midevil history…Just look back…Do you think the various Archdioces have anything to be proud of? The Papacy? Your overall history? Please stop before you lose all faith in your abilities, and at best try to preach things that you might be able to understand, because you possibly have done more than read a book or follow some other arrogants, lead…….

OK, I am off to a bad start. I am absolutely speechless in the face of this type of eloquence. Let's try another one.

this is typical of the church leadership, rather thatn concentrating on Christ’s mission and promoting all the good that the church has done, a few old, out of touch men in dresses, make policy and decisions that constantly gives the church bad publicity and drives people away. This being the STL archdiecese, I am surprised they have not excomunicated all Catholics who participate in this walk for cure.

Well, if you restated it as excommunicating all Catholics who participate in the walk knowing it supports Planned Parenthood and supporting this fact, then you would be saying something. Of course, the "men in dresses", as you put it, really aren't supposed to be most concerned with bad publicity or whether they get members like it was some kind of club. They are supposed to care whether Catholics go to Heaven or hell, and it seems to me that taking a stand against killing babies, and calling on Catholics to avoid supporting those who kill them might just accomplish that goal better than to allow their flock to be ignorant of the issues.

Over 60,000 survivors, participants, family members, and friends are all not wrong.

I lost a sister to this, I have friends who are survivors, and someone I care about who have all gone through this. I volunteer for it and if the Catholic church doesn’t like it, tough. They are welcome to come downtown and excommunicate me on the spot.

How about praying for these women? How about a special mass at the cathederal on the day of the race?

How about coming downtown and blessing the crowd? When or if someone should lose her life to this, rest assured the priest from her parish will stand before the family and friends telling them what a great individual, mother, and wife she was. But judging from the statement from Lindell will they mean it or are these just words? Ask the Arch Diocese or the Arch Bishop; What would Jesus say or do? Who knows, he might run too.

If the relative numbers are dispositive of truth, then I suggest this writer become a Mohammedan or Buddhist. If numbers were indicative of the correct course of action, then you would have to fault Our Lady and St. John at the foot of the cross. As for praying for the women who suffer from breast cancer, of course Catholics do this. Start with St. Peregrine.

I seriously, seriously doubt Jesus would run to benefit a group that supports the killing of babies. After we die, we'll probably know for sure.

And now, my favorite:

This annoys me so much. The Catholic Church is showing that they truly care more about controlling where some money MIGHT possibly go (even though SGKCure St. Louis is NOT affilliated with …Planned Parenthood) than helping to find a cure for Breast Cancer! It’s disgusting that the Catholic Church values the use of my [SLC Edit: let's just say "special purpose"] more than the life of my being. Why isn’t my LIVING EXISTENCE as sancrosant as an unborn fetus? Their “Pro-life” stance is baloney! They just proved it. They care more about the unborn than the living. It’s about controlling people’s lives and making sure there are more Catholics born to support the church. Living Women ARE as valuable as fertilized eggs and unborn fetuses! And my money is going to Susan G. Komen for the Cure-St. Louis! They can spend it how they see fit!

Logic is not the strong suit of the modern abortion supporter. Her first sentence assumes facts not in evidence, and not merely the lie that the Church cares more about where some money MIGHT possibly go than helping to find a cure for breast cancer. It also assumes that killing babies will advance a cure for breast cancer. The failure of embryonic stem cell research to provide any effective treatment for any medical issue of the day is documented, as is the great success of adult stem cell research to actually provide effective treatment to many. Of course, whether or not procured abortion increases the risk of breast cancer, it certainly does not prevent or cure it.

Her next sentence, Forrest Gump-like, stumbles into a very profound truth, which does more to explain and support the Catholic Church's actions in this matter than anything else in the story itself. The Church does care HOW one behaves more than "the life of my being", if by that she means her biological life. Why? Because eternal death is infinitely more serious than biological death. Because eternal life never ends and earthly life does. Because only in Christ is there found true life that will never end. What good would it do (to paraphrase Our Lord) to cure one's cancer if it came at the price of eternity in hell? Of course, such notions don't motivate most people in the so-called Christian West anymore. But for all of that, they are not any less real. Good for the Church to stand for the Truth, and the Life.

The writer's next point, that "living" people are "just as" valuable as unborn babies, doesn't lead to any conclusion that they are "more" valuable. And hence her own emphasis on paying attention only to the born is nothing more than a power play. Even under her type of utilitarian thinking, there are far more aborted babies than people who suffer from breast cancer, even should taking a lap around Kiener Plaza cure them all.

Lastly, the bankruptcy of her position is capstoned by the declaration that she doesn't care where the Komen group spends her money. This is a lie, of course. Let Komen give the money Rush Limbaugh, British Petroleum, the Daughters of the Confederacy, or--gasp!-- the Catholic Church, and hear the howl.

Folks, if you don't think we as a faith will face martyrdom I want to know why not. I think most faithful Catholics have considered that our lives may in fact one day be required of us in order to witness for Christ. But what I haven't often thought of-- and what is made absolutely clear by the comments at the STLToday site-- is that our killers are not likely to be witty, erudite partisans who respect our differing opinion. No, I suspect Satan will gape at us in idiotic spite as we are led to the slaughter.

I don't claim the strength to endure it, let alone desire it. I pray for grace for us all.


Prekast said...


You are not alone in your opinion of our future martyrdom. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't subject yourself to Mark Reardon's bull hockey today as I just did. God bless the 2 ladies who called in and articulately defended the Church. He mocked them of course. What a ......confession-requiring word...

Barb Schoeneberger said...

Yes, I have asked God that if I am to be murdered, let me die as a martyr, because that's the way I see things going, too. St. Teresa of Avila wrote, as did other saints, that we should pray for perseverance.

Latinmassgirl said...

We do not have to suffer physical martyrdom in this world to suffer for Christ. I do not think that we as Americans will suffer martyrdom anytime in the near future, but we may suffer immensely in the future for our beliefs.

Many Catholics in communist countries are not necessarily martyred at the present for their beliefs, but they have many necessities in life either taken from them, or not given them, such as jobs, education, etc, thus forcing them to give up their faith.

With the government controlled health care in our future, I can see Catholic doctors being told they must perform abortions, or loose their job. Catholic hospitals closing because they refuse to perform abortions or euthanasia to their patients.