22 June 2010

Nunc Coepi

In spite of our good will to advance in virtue, Our Lord will not permit us to have any success until He sees that we are thoroughly convinced of our own weakness and inability; to give us this conviction, He lets us, as He let Peter, "work all night without catching anything;" But afterwards, as He sees our growing awareness of our poverty and our willingness to admit it openly, He will come to our aid. We must, then, have great faith in Him, never allowing ourselves to give up through lack of success. Every day, relying "on His word," we must begin anew. If we have learned not to trust in our own strength; we must also learn to have complete confidence in the divine aid. If we have caught nothing until now, perhaps it is our lack of unshakable confidence that is the cause, and this deficiency, besides being displeasing to Jesus, paralyzes our spiritual life. Then let us repeat with Peter in a similar cry of confidence: "in verbo tuo laxabo rete," Lord, at thy word, I will let down the net. And let us repeat it every day, every moment, without ever growing weary.

--from Divine Intimacy, by Father Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.

(in gratitude to Miss Katherine Weir)

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