03 June 2010

Tous vos enfant sont à nous.

Hey, McDonald's, we can access youtube in America, too. Not that anyone will care enough to do anything but keep going through the drive-thru...

From the full article at LifesiteNews:

McDonald's Ad Promotes Teenage Homosexuality

By James Tillman and John-Henry Westen

France, June 2, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) - A new McDonald's ad in France, part of their large "come as you are" ad campaign, features a homosexual teen speaking sweetly to his male paramour before he is forced to closet his emotions before a presumably insensitive father.



Jane Chantal said...

I can just picture it...a teen is sitting at a McDonald's in front of his or her laptop. "I miss you, too"...then, "I have to go...they're coming" as a government agent approaches.

Just before the teen hurriedly closes the laptop, we see, on its screen, a picture of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Topic aside, From Chinese to English to French. Good headline!

I'm not surprised. Many multinationals have been experimenting in Europe with pro-gay commercials. It's no less disgusting, however. No outrage in France?

Long-Skirts said...

My husband and I, our 10 children and 2 son-in-laws and 6 grandchildren will never go to McDonalds again!

StGuyFawkes said...

"Enfant" is singular. "Enfants" is plural. I think you want to say "Tous vos enfantS sont a nous."

Then again, "You deserve a break today." From McDonald's. We all do.

Mrs. Albertson said...

McDonald's is stupidly promoting gays who are just about 1% of the population, unlike what the liberals would like us to believe. Yes, they have a huge lobby and following of Hollywoodites, but as much as they try to recruit, they are just a very miniscule percentage of the population.

Sadly, young teenage boys do sometimes have one or more homosexual encounters, but that does not make them gay, just misguided, and ignored by their fathers. These misguided boys often repent, and go on to become happily married, with children. I am married to one of them myself, and he is not gay.

And McDonald's, gay guys do not act all romantic and soft - they talk sexual. Homosexuals are not just like heterosexuals except gay. Give me a break and stop making them out to be just a misunderstood group of in-love people.

McDuncehead's can try to promote the gay agenda all they want, but all they will do is drive away customers. My family included. Hello Booogger King.

thetimman said...

Stguy, no it's "correct"-- I meant to say "all your child are belong to us."

StGuyFawkes said...


After watching this three or four times I have to say I see the clip differently than most of the commenters above.

I think this is an example of a commercial backfiring. Why?

The most sympathetic character in the piece is the poor father who is affectionate, warm and about to be thunderstruck. The depiction of a clueless Dad is haunting and enough to make most folks lose their appetite to eat anything, much less a "Big Mac".

This ad makes the watcher sorry for the dad. It creates a distinctly uncommercial emotion. It's not the mood you want to create to sell foodstuffs.

I do allow that this clip may gain some strength just by being for the French who may view McDonald's as a slightly strange foreign import which is weird just for being American. Perhaps the commercial works differently over there.

Mrs. ALbertson made a comment worthy of note. The rhetoric of gay rights rests on sentimentality to the expense of factuality. This commercial is a good example.

The gay rights advocates would like you to think their movement is about sweet young men just wanting to hold hands and pick roses. I won't linger over the details but proctologists will attest that it is, in fact, a rather dangerous affair which is rather like using your body parts to bungee jump.

As for the French grammar, Tim, "vos" is plural, the verb "sont" is plural, and the word "enfant" is singular. The sentence can't be right.
Are you meaning to say "Tout votre enfant est le notre" (All of your child is ours)?

Anonymous said...

St Guy: Timman is correct. The idea is to use mis-matched subject and verb to mimic the "All your base are belong to us" from...I don't remember any more. It was a bad translation into English from Chinese I think.

I am starting to rethink the commercial as well. Some advocates of gaity questioned whether it really welcomed gays when the kid is in the closet and dad doesn't even know. But it supported kids having secret lives from their dads. Some commenter at one news site (?) complained that the dad was stupid and insensitive b/c he should not have presumed the boy liked girls. That's a pretty whacked view.

StGuyFawkes said...

Peggy and Tim,

I give up on the fractured French. Peggy has convinced me that here there we have an allusion to another literary source which I am too old or ill-educated to detect.

Still, I insist that the commercial won't sell a single "Big Mac" because, unless eating junk food is a guilty pleasure, the ad inspires too much guilt to make anyone want to eat.

Either the father is a stooge or the son is a sneaky creep. GUILT!

I iterate, who can eat thinking about this disgusting family scene? The whole thing is too Oedipal, that is to say, too French. They might as well make a commercial about french fries and Vichy.

By the way. The French changed the name of the "Big Mac" to "Le Grand BUrger" or something like that because "Mac" sounded like "mec" which is French slang for the male appendange and "Le Grand Mac" sounded, well, dinner with Andre Gide.

So throw that into your French cultural soup.

Anonymous said...



You've long ago established your credentials as a pedant.

Give it a rest!


StGuyFawkes said...

Dear Anon of 6/8/10 16:29,aka CDG,

I'll try to be less abstruse and obtuse. Yet, as far as my McDonald's comments go I'd rather be a pedant at rest than a pederast.

"You deserve a break today."

As penance I promise not to comment for three days.

St. Guy