06 July 2010

Archbishop Burke Named to Congregation for Divine Worship

Let's see now...

1) Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura

2) Member of the Congregation for Bishops

Pretty impressive resume, I'd say. Maybe the next job will be the Holy Office, or...


Anonymous said...

Oh yes yes yes! Burke Burke Burke Burke! He's more Catholic than the Pope; if he can't excommunicate you, NOBODY can! Goooo Burke!

Raymond Burke: He'll restore the church to how it was in the good old days...821 A.D., that is. (Why 821, you ask? Because the traddies at the next parish, the ones who are too liberal for us REAL traddies, only want to go back to 924! We'll take the church back to an earlier era JUST BECAUSE WE CAN! Yay, Burke!)

This message has been brought to you by the Society for the Elevation of Archbishop Raymond Burke to the Career Position of the Lord Almighty. (Move over, Lord, say the traddies -- Raymond Burke has arrived! By the way, Jesus, Archbishop Burke wants to talk to you about the sort of people you associate with...)

thetimman said...

I was happy to post the above inanity because it is a good example of the puerility of thought of those who hate the good Archbishop. I mean, really. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Puerile, yes. Inane, yes. Juvenile, yes. I think Archbishop Burke is a fine man, was an excellent Archbishop here in St. Louis, and is perfectly suited for the roles in the Church that he now fills.

But. . . .

I will admit to being a bit uncomfortable with the near-worship of him on this site, a point that I think the inane, puerile, juvenile poster makes very well, if rudely (and, although I wil say several Hail Marys as penance for saying this, witty).

thetimman said...

Near-worship? I will try to be more restrained in my admiration for him. Thanks.

In other news, today is the feast day of Cyril and Methodius, who were canonized for doing a reasonably decent job in telling some Slavic people about Jesus. Of course, I don't want to take it too far; anyone could have done it. And really, the cyrillic alphabet is kind of ridiculous. Just saying.

So let's not get carried away.

Anonymous said...

I think this is great news!
Why in the world would Anon. 06/07: 22:13 and 07/07: 07:35 not like this?
Do they not understand that it is Jesus who allows this "promotion”, as this has been called it? Do they not understand that the faithful have the right to be happy and applaud this decision from the Vicar of Christ? Do they even understand who the Vicar of Christ is and what that means? Do they understand that Christ Himself rejoices with this decision from His Vicar the Pope?

FYI/Catholic 101: The Vicar of Christ is: In the person of Christ, or another Christ. It is the Pope, and only the Pope who is the official voice of Jesus Christ on earth. Do you not like Jesus?

Do they not understand that they can't possibly love God and hate the Church? Do they understand that when they speak ill of the Church and her priests they are speaking ill of God? Do they even care?

Who are they to question Christ, and His Church. It seems to me they should look on the inside and see just which side they’re on? There are only two sides, friends. You are either with the Church or you are not.

Can we assume they are protestants? If that be the case they have more to worry about than this little post.

No one “worships” His Grace, Archbishop Burke. Worship alone belongs to God! Every Catholic knows this. His Grace is no more going to take the Church to any times past than anybody else.

Archbishop Burke is a wonderful man. He is a prayerful, holy man. He is a true bishop of Jesus Christ. He speaks the truth without personal opinion. If you find yourself not agreeing, then maybe, just maybe you are the one with the issues. And these issues are with God, not with Archbishop Burke.

There has not be ONE, a single ONE issue that His Grace had hear in St. Louis that his decision was made on personal opinion. It’s very simple. It may be unpopular, but the truth.

The Church of Christ will continue with or without you. Are you onboard? I sure hope I am!

If God and His angels can rejoice with this decision so can we.
I again agree with Mr. Timman- Grow up. Better yet, learn the Faith.

Keep up the good work here on this St. Louis CATHOLIC blog. Praise be Christ and His Chruch!

Father G said...

Aren't you worried Timman...?

You're immortal soul is in danger!

You may be committing the sin of...dare I say it...


Oh my!

RE: near worship!?
yeah right...with all due respect...get a grip!

Anonymous said...

Anon 14:56.

I agree with you that Archbishop Burke's latest appointment is great news.

I believe that you have a misimpression about my opinions, however. I would suffice it to say that I probably agree with everything that Archbishop Burke teaches or would teach. I don't know of any actions that he took while in St. Louis with which I disagreed. (I would say that I agreed with everything he did while here, but I don't know everything that he did, and would prefer not to place blind faith of that nature in a man, even one who appears to be a very holy man - you know, the whole infallibility does not equal perfection thing.) Indeed, I have often defended his actions with my friends and colleagues who have criticized him.

Let's see, to answer your other questions and respond to your other comments:

I assure you that I am very Catholic, and thank you for your encouragement that I learn the faith. I always strive to learn more about our faith, and am constantly filled with wonder at the richness of it.

Yes, I love Jesus.

I am happy, nay, elated, that Archbishop Burke has been tapped for all of the duties in the Church for which he has been tapped.

Nowhere in my post did I profess hate for the Church, or speak ill of the Church, Archbishop Burke, the Holy Father, or any priest, nor would I. To the extent that I left an impression otherwise, let me dispel that right now.

Near-worship =/= worship, and I never said that anyone on this site worshipped Archbishop Burke.

Thank you for your encouragement that I grow up. I always try to behave in a very adult, thoughtful, reasoned, holy manner. Sadly, I often fail, imperfect, sinful being that I am. To the extent that I have so failed in this post, or my earlier post, I apologize.

Best regards,

Anon 7:35

Anonymous said...

Father G:

I apologize for offending you.

Anon 7:35

thetimman said...

Anon 735,

Don't worry. I think all the comments so far are light hearted. Sorry if they seemed more serious. Others can speak for themselves but I don't think anyone is offended.

Anonymous said...


The sarcasm in your post was duly noted. And appreciated. And laughed at heartily.

In charity,

Anon 735

Father G said...

No offense taken on this end and I accidentally deleted my little winky face on the previous post. So here it is...;-)

As an old seminary professor used to tell us..."be serious certainly but never take yourself too seriously..." not bad advice I always thought...

Anonymous said...

Burke's an alright guy...he's just a man, though, not God....big-whoop!