06 July 2010

Catching Up

Hello, everybody; I am back from the long weekend and child-related duties. There are a number of items I want to cover, so here goes...

1. Psalm 127 describes our life pretty well: Thy wife as a fruitful vine, on the sides of thy house. Thy children as olive plants, round about thy table. The psalmist is here describing the blessings of the man who fears the Lord. I do not say that I am the example of that man, but rather that God indeed is the never-ending fountain of merciful blessings. The delivery of our son was somewhat touch-and-go, but in the end everyone came through in good health. God's plan for each of us is unique, and I think that children are just one of an infinite multitude of possible blessings. For others, God may not send many, or any, children. But His blessings to us are still beyond measure, and I pray for all who are yearning for children to be blessed in the way He desires.

I am very grateful for all of your kind prayers and congratulations. Thank you!

2. If you think that taking a nice refreshing swim in a relaxing environment is the best way to beat the summer heat, you may want to drop to your knees and thank God you don't live in China, as
this photo from a pool in the Sichuan province of that country suggests:

3. Our friends in the United Kingdom have once again proven they are the
leaders in tyrannical "democracy". The government can see you; listen to you; monitor your behavior, purchases, trash disposal, and living habits; test your children for evil tendencies; and prevent you from saying bad things. All that's left, really, are the microchips that can allow them to kill you remotely when they like, saving that valuable taxpayer money.

4. Finally, further to the ICRSP Ordinations last week, Rorate Caeli has posted a survey of the current state and recent growth of Extraordinary Form Masses throughout the world. This is relevant as we approach the third anniversary of Summorum Pontificum. You will recall Pope Benedict XVI indicated that he wanted an update of the issues of its implementation at the three year mark. The worldwide numbers are at the post, but here are the US numbers:


2005 - Regularised: 112 sees
2008 - Regularised: 295 Masses in 137 sees
S.S.P.X: 108 Masses in 64 sees
2010 - Regularised: 358 Masses in 149 sees
S.S.P.X: 116 Masses in 62 dioceses

Pray for more growth, pray for the good understanding between the SSPX and Rome, pray for more faithful bishops and priests. And please pray for the Holy Father.
5. Wait--one more thing. On a sad note, today is the last day of broadcasting for our town's classical music station, KFUO. Classic 99 has been providing free classical music on FM for over four decades. It has lamentably been sold to a group which will turn it to a "Christian rock" format. Bleah.
This is the biggest disaster for the Lutherans since they lost Father Lockwood.
Fittingly enough, the last piece I heard on KFUO this morning before work was Orff's Carmina Burana.


Jane Chantal said...

Thanks for mentioning the very sad situation regarding the splendid, cherished and soon to be deeply missed and mourned KFUO.

I still cannot begin to fathom the decision ultimately made the FCC to allow the one and only classical music station in our region to be replaced with a type of music that is already widely available here.

There is nothing else on the dial that offers what KFUO offered -- with grace, style and panache: splendid classical music, a superb ensemble of talented, erudite and personable announcers, imaginative programming, and abundant information on upcoming classical music events and performances in the area. The impact of this loss on the cultural life of St. Louis and the surrounding area will be devastating.

Not to put too fine a point on it, one of the conspicuous ironies of the situation is that a significant portion of the classic music repertoire consists of Christian sacred music, and KFUO fostered appreciation of that music with grace and enthusiasm.

I feel so badly for those members of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod who are heartsick right now, not only because they love classical music, but because they recognize the unique service that KFUO provided to the Christian community of this area.

I have heard that longtime supporters of KFUO are regrouping under the name Radio Arts Foundation. Apparently there is a website under construction.

Timman, as you able, please keep us informed re any efforts you might hear about to bring classical music back to our airwaves.

Anonymous said...

Also, re KFUO. Jane, your comments are excellent.

I will miss it immensely. Christian pop. Bleh, indeed. Pujols or not. I will miss the sacred Christian music as well.

For all of KMOX's high brow lamenting of this loss, how is it that that company cannot find a way to provide some classical music on one of its stations. Or via HD, or the web streaming. I think KMOX owns FM property. What if, for a segment in the evenings or weekends? What about on KMOX itself? They had I Love Jazz for years on Saturday nights.

Anonymous said...

What's the problem, here? KFUO was, indeed a great classical music station, BUT....

....it was a form of Protestant proselytizing. And, after all, Martin Luther was the man responsible for formalizing the turn from the TRUE CHURCH. Lutheranism, more than any other religion, represents the historical enemy of our Faith.

The way I see it, the demise of KFUO is just one domino in the fall of Protestantism, and the eventual rise of the ONE TRUE CHURCH.

God Bless the Pope and the return to the ONE TRUE CHURCH!

Anonymous said...

Okay, Timman, now I’m REALLY confused. What are you trying to convey with the posting of the crowded beach picture?

1. Provide visual justification for the ‘One Child’ policy in China:
No, can’t be that. WE are, after all, Pro Life: “Humans First to exclusion of all other forms of life on Earth”

2. Showing the effects of Worldwide Global Warming. Naw. WE don’t believe in that secular nonsense.

3. Provide a rationale for doing away with birth control in America:

“Those Commies breed like rabbits. Therefore, in the face of Socialist World Domination WE need to breed like rabbits in order to overcome Communism and to establish the true Catholic faith in the world.”

4. Show how lucky WE are to live in a free Western society where overpopulation will never be a problem:

Can’t be that one either. Re: the photos of crowded beaches in Britain and Germany. (sorry. unable to post photos here. So...Google, "crowded beaches")

Well….maybe it could be this. After all those countries are crawling with Muslims – and WE know how those Muslims are breeding like rabbits in order to spread their religi….

..No… wait a minute… Muslims don’t go to the beach without their burkas and bomb packs.

So it must be that those Europeans flaunting their secular Humanistic way of life. Right?

Okay, Timman – I give up. What is the underlying commentary of your photo?


thetimman said...


It is a visual depiction of Obamacare.

Have a drink. It will clear your head.


Anonymous said...


This Christian 'rock' will be proseltyzing as well, a much less structured faith, self-directed, non-liturgical, casual, non-sacred, etc. The Christian rockers are more removed from Rome than the Lutherans are.

Sure, the Christian rockers indeed love Jesus, that's great, and the music is sometimes pleasant, but the elevation of the sacred is utterly lacking in their music.

Anonymous said...

"It is a visual depiction of Obamacare.Have a drink. It will clear your head." - Timman

Ah...of course!

Silly me. It's all so clear to me now.

Wanna' swig?


Anonymous said...

Jesus came to create a Spirituality, not a (State) Religion.

Anonymous said...

I saw what Timman saw in the overcrowded Chinese pool photo.

My first thought when I saw that photo at Drudge was communist swimming pool-->inadequate to meet the public needs. Absolutely, an illustration of things .to come under O-care.

Methodist Jim said...

First, and least important, enough whining about the end of KFUO. And, if you don't like Christian rock, don't listen. Nothing is stopping you from turning the dial or popping in a Brahms CD.

Second, though the eavesdropping article is troubling, no doubt, you have characteristically overstated your case against the UK. If you actually read the article, you'll see that the new technology is not being used in the UK anymore. Holland is the "leader in tyrannical 'democracy'" in this instance.