27 July 2010

KMOV Picks up on the St. Stan's Vote

I don't know that there is anything new here, but I wanted to post this for the record.  Channel 4's report points to a "non-binding" vote on August 8 on the fate of Mr. Bozek's Wild Ride (tm).


Anonymous said...

This stuff is making news at places pretty far distant. So, I was wondering if you could provide a synopsis of the history of the issues, along with the current status.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The vote according to the absentee ballots issued only asks the voters if the approve of the Board's pursuing settlement or not.

Another delaying tactic by an intellectually and morally bankrupt Board and non-priest.

When will the parish follow into financial bankruptcy? Shortly!

thetimman said...

Thanks for both comments. As for the first, the history of this issue is, as you suspect, a long and sordid one. Rather than posting a post-length reply here, I would encourage you and anyone else interested to used the search box at the top of the blog (not the google search, but the one within my page itself) and type Bozek, St. Stan, St. Stanislaus, Doyle, Board, Krasnicki or other terms. You will find a thread that makes for interesting reading, I hope.

I understand the second anonymous' point entirely; this is why I haven't yet gotten all giddy about the recent rumor cycle.

It might require several exorcisms before this place is cleaned out.