02 July 2010

St. Francis de Sales Oratory Wins Golden Brick Award for Convent Renovation

From the Tradition for Tomorrow site:

On Wednesday, June 30, 2010, St. Francis de Sales Oratory received the “2010 Golden Brick Award,” an annual award given by the DeSales Community Housing Corporation in recognition of noteworthy contribution to the improvement and beautification of the Fox Park Neighborhood.

The project which won this year’s award was the renovation of the Convent building at St. Francis de Sales. After years of disuse and neglect, the Convent was in a seriously dilapidated condition. In an effort to make the building habitable by the Sister Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ Sovereign Priest, renovation began in August of 2009. It involved complete cleaning, stripping and refinishing of old floors, complete overhaul of the kitchen, the foyer and several rooms, repair of broken windows and window frames, re-plumbing of sinks and bathrooms, installation of new cabinetry and light fixtures, and repainting of walls and moldings.

With the help of more than one thousand man-hours from many volunteers, sisters, and a generous company, BELFOR USA, the renovation effort so far has produced a completed foyer, several rooms in the sisters’ living and sleeping quarters, dining room, a modern and functional kitchen, new stair case, new floors, and newly painted walls in the hallway and in many rooms. Due to the scope of the project, renovation continues today.

This occasion marks the second time in three years that St. Francis de Sales Oratory has received public recognition by the DeSales Community Housing Corporation for its renovation efforts. (The first time was for the renovation of the sacristy in 2008.)

Formed in 1976, the Corporation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the renewal of the Fox Park and Tower Grove East neighborhoods of St. Louis. It bestows the Golden Brick Award to individuals and businesses who have demonstrated a commitment towards improving these neighborhoods.

The recurring award underscores the fact that restoring St. Francis de Sales has significant consequences for the renewal of the entire vicinity around the church, because it has always been and will be the anchor of the neighborhood. The multiple awards also highlight the high level of commitment of the Oratory and its members to continue the restoration effort of St. Francis de Sales.

On behalf of the St. Francis de Sales Oratory, Canon Michael K. Wiener, Rector of the Oratory and Episcopal Delegate for the Implementation of the Motu Proprio “Summorum Pontificum,” in the Archdiocese of St. Louis, accepted the Golden Brick Award at a presentation ceremony on Wednesday evening, June 30, 2010.

The photo above, and other photos at the TFT site are by Mark Abeln of Rome of the West.


Anonymous said...

This is very nice. The progress the Oratory makes is not immediately visible, since it is slow and "inside". But it is profound and fundamentally transforming.

Father G said...

This is all good and fine but what's a convent without sisters? Where is Soeur Marie? When will she be back? and if not, will the Institute send others? Inquiring minds want to know...

thetimman said...

Keep praying for Soeur Marie's safe & swift return. We will have sisters soon, no doubt-- I see beautiful new fencing and gates for the cloisters going up. It won't be a motel, that's for sure! Maybe you have a guess, Fr. G?

Father G said...

je n'en sais rien...désolé!

Anonymous said...

Peggy said...

Please re-post those photos of Sister (was it Soeur Marie?) in her beautiful habit, working hard, splattered with paint and all that.

Beautiful convent! Great photos by Mark Abeln!

thetimman said...

Fr. G,

As Bill S. Preston, Esq., said, "True wisdom consists in knowing you know nothing."