12 July 2010

St. Stan's and the Postcard of Doom

Rumors continue to circulate that the St. Stanislaus Kostka imbroglio is near an end. This story reminds me of some of the articles that abounded before the promulgation of the motu proprio in 2007. At some point, the situation will almost certainly be resolved. Is this nigh? Is this real?

Wait and see, it seems. I wish I could provide a better lens into this matter, but the sources to which I have access won't allow public comment. But for what it is worth, here is what Tim Townsend is reporting:

From STLToday:

St. Stanislaus church members soon may discuss reconciliation with Catholic Church


ST. LOUIS • More evidence that a final act to the St. Stanislaus drama may come soon arrived in the mail last week.

A postcard from Richard Lapinski, chairman of the directors of St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, told parishioners they should be prepared to vote on a "reconciliation offer" from St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson at an "informal meeting" at the church on July 25 or Aug. 1. The postcard said that in a "historic vote" parishioners will be choosing between two board of directors slates "and also on the reconciliation offer on the table."

But the church's pastor, the Rev. Marek Bozek, backed away from Lapinski's language in the postcard, saying it contained "a mistake in wording." He said the meeting simply would update the congregation on the status of the church's legal battle with the archdiocese, and discuss how to proceed.


But in a statement given to the Post-Dispatch Saturday, Carlson said that "after a number of meetings with those involved, I have made an offer to the board of directors for the reconciliation of St. Stanislaus with the Catholic Church, which is currently under discussion."


If the archdiocese prevails, either in its lawsuit or by a majority vote by parishioners to accept a reconciliation offer, Bozek would be out of a job. Many consider the Polish native a hero for leading the church, and the congregation has grown since his arrival. But others, who have been riled by his support for homosexuality in the church and women's ordination, will be glad to see him go.

In November and again in May, Bozek told parishioners that he might leave the church "within months."

On Saturday, Bozek said he would wait till early August, to hear the outcome of the latest round of activity.

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