14 July 2010

Voices of Prometheus Ensemble to Perform at St. Francis de Sales Oratory August 7

From the Director of Sacred Music at the Oratory, Mr. Nick Botkins:

The Oratory is pleased to announce a forthcoming concert performed by the Voices of Prometheus Ensemble: Saturday, August 7th at 7:30pm. For more information please visit their web-site or see the above flyer (click to enlarge).

This ensemble, in my opinion, represents some of the finest choral chamber singing you’ll hear anywhere in the Midwest. Clarity, verve and panache immediately came to mind the first time I heard them sing. I’ve honestly never been to a more fulfilling choral concert, I can’t recommend them enough. Voices of Prometheus makes many other professional choirs (both mixed and male a cappella ensembles) look like a gimmick!

Tickets are $10 for adults, $7 for students, in advance from the rectory office (314)773-3100


$15/$10 at the door.


Anonymous said...

I have heard Mr. Nick Botkins talk about "Prometheus" before. He lavishly praised them. He doles out his musical compliments sparingly, believe me--- therefore expect something marvelous.
Maybe, it is as if they sing together for their own happiness and whoever happens to be present listening is in for a treat.

Anonymous said...

"Clarity, verve and panache"

Weren't those the names of the 3 Charlie's Angels of 70's TV lore?

Anonymous said...

We have had the privilege of hosting the "Voices of Prometheus" twice here at St. Gabriel and they are truly a wonderful group. Every time they have visited they have offered to sing some of the music for the concert during Mass. I totally agree with Mr. Botkins' praise of the group; it is probably one of the best choral concerts you will hear all year.