02 August 2010

Giving That Which is Supposed to be Holy to Dogs

This article from the California Catholic Daily site concerns an Anglican minister who distributed communion to a dog as a "way of welcoming the stranger". She has since apologized for her actions, which as you can imagine caused a stir in Anglican circles.

Though of course Christ is not present Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Anglican communion bread, it still seems a trifle inappropriate.

From the full article:

“Getting emails from Catholics”

Anglican cleric apologizes for giving communion to dog

Toronto, Canada, Jul 29, 2010 (CNA) -- An Anglican female priest in Canada has apologized for offering communion to a dog after the incident added to already growing tensions within Anglican churches.

Last month, Donald Keith, 56, took his dog Trapper, a German Shepherd-Rhodesian Ridgeback crossbreed, into St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Toronto where Rev. Marguerite Rea was officiating. The man and his dog frequented the park outside the church.

An interim priest, Rea welcomed the two inside and offered communion to both Keith and Trapper.

One parishioner filed a formal complaint about the action with Anglican Bishop Patrick Yu. The parishioner has since left the congregation.

After the action became public last week, Rea apologized during her Sunday sermon to anyone who may have been hurt or embarrassed by her actions. She explained the initial gesture as a way of welcoming a stranger.


Keith told the National Post he thought the act was “small stuff” that made him think of the church’s annual blessing of the animals. “This has blown me away,” he said of the controversy. “The church is even getting emails from Catholics.” [...]


Anonymous said...

I am so glad we know precisely what cross-breed that the dog is. That special animal was clearly worthy of receiving the eucharist (whatever the Anglicans call it), real or non-real presence, eh?

Anonymous said...

Rev. Rea apparently has been following the teachings of welcoming non-priest Marek Bozek.
Non-Priest and Board followers haven't decided what parishioners they'll allow to vote in next Sunday's parish election. Probably just those who adore Bozek. Welcoming indeed!

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone who can't see this happening at a Catholic parish? You wouldn't know Christ was truly present on the altar at 95% of masses based on the casual attitudes of most in attendance or many clergy. (Thanks be to God for the holy priests there are and for the lay people who take the time to know their faith.) Based on the nuttiness I've seen in my lifetime, a stunt like giving the Eucharist to an animal would not surprise me, sad and revolting as it would be.

thetimman said...

To answer your question as a known critic of the many, many, many, many problems with the novus ordo, I have to say, I could not see this happening in the craziest Catholic parish. Cardinal Mahoney's favorite prog feel-good priest wouldn't do it.

If such an atrocity ever occurred, I would expect the priest to be immediately suspended and proceedings begun to degrade him from the clerical state.

I agree with your larger point that most Masses suffer from serious problems stemming from lack of reverence. But I don't expect to come to this. If it did, I would organize a protest of any willing Catholics to surround that parish until the malefactor was removed.

Fenian said...

Anon at 9:51-

It's not the same, but we did have the dog problem at Our Lady of the Holy Cross in Baden not too long ago.

The Priest allowed his dog to wander during Mass, including entering the sanctuary. I am not sure how or if that problem got resolved.

Athelstane said...

I mostly agree with Timman - as bad as most suburban Catholic parishes are, there are perhaps only a few I could think of where there's a likelihood of something like this happening - and if it did, and the chancery got wind of it, something would be done. I think for example of the Dutch priest recently suspended for his "football mass" - yes, even in Holland, the Elysium of liberal Catholicism, there are boundaries you can't cross.

Of course, a wide range of liturgical abuses and undue creativity short of that can still get by...

just wondering said...

she's not fooling me, this woman is mirroring society. a society that is in communion with the creature instead of the Creator. lucky for her Christ isn't present in the anglican communion. i could see her offending hand withering on the spot and falling off. God will not be mocked.