04 August 2010

Here It Comes

A federal judge will tell everyone today whether or not the U.S. Constitution somehow gives the right for sodomitical relationships to masquerade as marriage and thus whether the parties thereto can bring the weight of the law against those who know very well that it does not.

I'm sure Washington comforted himself at Valley Forge, knowing that his efforts to secure "gay marriage" were worth any sacrifice. And those who trust in the federal courts can comfort themselves with the knowledge that the right to "gay marriage" is mentioned exactly as many times in the Constitution as the right to abortion.

Voters in California spoke twice, once in the legislature and once by initiative petition, to ensure that the sanctity of marriage is upheld. But no matter. The revolution uses the tools at hand and will not stop.

The fact that this case was not thrown out of Court immediately tells you everything you need to know about the rule of law in this country. Regardless of the ruling today, the case will inexorably march upwards, eventually reaching the Supreme Court. And there Anthony Kennedy waits, the de facto sole arbiter of the question.

Have a great day, everyone!


Peggy said...

I followed the trial a bit. The judge asked several questions suggesting that he wondered whether The State had any role in regulating marriage of any kind. That kind of ruling of course would create chaos. I think he's trying to "split the baby," which is a very common practice of the judiciary regardless of the clarity of law in most cases.

I share your expectations and anxiety about this ruling.

Anonymous said...

He threw Prop 8 out. Bigamy is back! Well, if someone wants to, why can't they, now that this black-robed tyrant has spoken. Rumor is strong that the judge is himself 'gay'.

Grand-dad marry grand-daughter, under this specious ruling, how can it be prevented?


Latinmassgirl said...

Yes, Don,

I have been fearful of this since the first time I heard the talk of gay marriage. Who is to stop marriage between a minor (child) and a pedophile? Why not have several spouses? Group marriage anyone? How about the marriage of two dogs, and then why not give them free healthcare and allow them to eat at restaurants as humans? Animal rights should be viewed as important as humans, yes?