13 August 2010

HIde Your Kids, Hide Your Wives


Anonymous said...

You're going to make St.Guy's head explode.

cp said...

Hide your husbands too.

This is now my ringtone.

Look at the a capella version on YouTube. It's so clever!!!

StGuyFawkes said...

Reminds me of "The St. Louis Jesuits" practicing in the basement of SLU's Fusz Hall during the early 1970s. Foley...Manion...Roc O'Connor....Ah, the memories.......Did you know another edition of "Glory and Praise" is soon to be published?

Folks out there my age: Do you remember how many young SLU coeds had crushes on liturgical musicians back in the day. Oh, man, if this kid keeps it up there is a good chance he'll get to date an ex nun.