03 August 2010


The photo above (click to enlarge) is from last year's version of the first-day marker board "art" that my children produce for the opening of the Holy Family Homeschool academic year. While only a parent could appreciate most of it, I must say that the drawing by my oldest son (last year's 7th grader) intrigues me greatly. Has he touched upon the deepest questions of human existence, capturing man's eternal quest for knowledge, wisdom and his place in the universe? Or is he just lazy? Hmmm.

I will be following a school theme today on the old blog, so stay tuned...

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prekast said...

Do not disregard "the boy"'s obvious artistic talent for capturing the life-like quality of things:
a. Note the large bowling-ball shaped head of the adult male figure in the upper right quadrant;
b. The long-suffering and yet lovely countenance of the adult female figure in the same quadrant;
c. The mushroom cloud transposed with the wedding couple (she with a see-through wedding gown) in the lower left quadrant;
and finally,
d. The kindergarten-age child being threatened by large, frog-like creatures with long tongues.

It think child protective services (or whatever the new-Nazi's call themselves) will be scheduling a visit soon.