19 August 2010

Summer at the Oratory this Sunday

From the Tradition for Tomorrow blog:
Summer at the Oratory 2010 – August 22

In honor of King Saint Louis IX, patron saint of the city of St. Louis, the annual Summer at the Oratory celebration will take place on Sunday, August 22, from 12:00 noon to 7:00 pm.

Come – one and all, and invite all your friends and family for a festive afternoon!

In addition to being a fun event for the whole family – with music, games, a quilt raffle, country market, and great food and drinks, there will be terrific auction items available to benefit the restoration effort at St. Francis de Sales Oratory. For more information, contact the Oratory at (314) 771-3100.

Address, map and directions here.


Anonymous said...

It's Louis XI, King of France. Also, it's from 11am-7pm.

thetimman said...

No, Louis IX of France is the patron saint of our eponymous town.